My name is Urshi...

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Best of luck
02/02/2016 10:03 AMPosted by Skies
01/29/2016 09:35 AMPosted by BadDragon
OK, but please, if we failed the rift, don't even have her appear. That has always been useless.

It's not useless. I'm pretty sure you can't close the rift until everyone talks to her. When you are in a group and have too many blood shards. You can just not talk to her until you are done with your biz, that way nobody can close the rift before you are ready.

If they took her away, I could just troll people by standing in town and closing the rift as soon as the boss dies to deny everyone loot.

You're aware of that's actually how the game looks right now,right? With the exception that Urshi is present. There's nothing preventing someone just go to town and simply close after a failed rift.
When virtue tarries, evil smiles.

I cannot follow you if we just stand around.
Issues like this are why I'm glad I have the game volume muted and the stereo turned up
Same here, game volume muted since day one, playing music or not.
Old thread but still valid today, it annoys the fk out me everytime.
Skill at upgrading your gem but failed at 90% lol
ahhaha its fun because its true

after the 1000th time i met her "my name is urshi..." shut up urshi i know who you are!!!
I'm ok with follower dialogue and Tyrael dialogue, because they happen in the background. I have to close Urshi out in order to pick up my drops.
Urshi sees that you have failed the rift, instead of materializing she opens a portal instead?
So how you kill Ursi, any drops? :)
I have been asleep for 1500 years should I go back to my slumber?
תן לה את כל מה שאין לה,
מתוקה מהחיים.
01/29/2016 09:14 AMPosted by Nevalistis
My running theory as to why this started happening is that Urshi really just wants to be heard. I'm sure it gets lonely in those rifts!

Quick fix: rename Urshi to "Monika".

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