How to be Tanky .-.?

Can't even solo t10. Like I peel like a banana. 2 hits im dead, but even with halo/crystalize i still die in like 3 hits. I know DMO is the tankiest build but I don't have the full set yet.
Force armor, molten gizzard gem, get more toughness, unstable anomaly.
thanks :c
Halo + crystallize is only really valuable when also have ancient parthan defender bracers.

If you're killing fast, dominance is quite good.
Goldwrap belt + a level 25+ boon of the hoarder can keep you alive for days so long as things are dying. The armor you get from picking up gold gives you insane defense. In a TX vault I have hit over 75,000,000,0000, yes that is billion, defense. Key is make sure the gold keeps coming in. Otherwise Esoteric Alteration helps a bunch too. If you are running Explosive Blast, having the Orb of Infinite Depth in the hand or the cube gives you even more toughness as you are attacking.
Try keeping your health above zero.

Also passives like galvanizing ward and dominance are really strong in low difficulties like T10.
There is no such thing as a tanky wizard. Goldwrap works upto TX.
And when I play drunk and careless my wizard even dies in GR30.
wizards always die lol part of the class
01/29/2016 11:25 AMPosted by KTBoundary
There is no such thing as a tanky wizard.


You ever seen the DMOrbit GR spec?

50% damage reduction DMO
25% damage reduction exhaustion
60% damage reduction orb of infinite depth
50% damage reduction aquila
??% damage reduction halo + APD (where ?? is potentially a very big number)

You could even add unity to that if you wanted, but most people run convention, because they're already tanky enough, and need the damage more.
Wizards can be tanky. Crazy talk to say otherwise. Halo, Unity, Aquila, APD, ABB, Safe Passage, Mantle of Channeling, OID, Endless Walk, MW: Deflection, Gizzard, Galvanizing Ward - take your picks. I can make a Firebird Wizard that is virtually immortal up to GR 60 and that set has no built in mitigation.

Also passives like galvanizing ward and dominance are really strong in low difficulties like T10.

Wait, there are higher difficulties..?

Did you use your Gifts already? The first thing to do is get your full set from it and you'll be much stronger.
Sometimes you have to just die in higher GR. You watch the 70 solo GR or 80 Group GR and you think 'wow wizards can be so tanky'. But no. Yes you can build your wizard to be tanky but the videos you watch make it look easy either because they're in a very decent GR or being buffed by supports. For example if you're doing solo high 60's GR and you get winged assassins and those idiots that shoot darts from like 10 different directions, there's not much tanking you can do there. If you watch a lot of high solo GR you will notice a pattern where the mobs in the videos are generally melee and slow. This is true for videos of any class. Also those high Group GR supports give tons of group toughness. So don't be discouraged when you watch the videos and you feel much squishier in comparison.
monk sader and barb get that 30 percent aswell
I have 1.4 million life. With Tals set and 4 stacks of infinite depth orb, that also amounts to 300 million toughness. Suffice it to say I don't die very often. However, when you depend on 4 tals stacks + 4 infinite orb stacks, sometimes it's tough to get your stacks before you die again, if you do die.
One of my wizards got 120M toughness, no Teleport and no Molten Wildebeast. At times she gets owned in T10. Owned like I have to abandon the rift.

My GR60 speed farmer got 31M toughness, Teleport, Woh + run speed and 140k life per second. She not ever dies on GR60.
if all you need in t10 is goldwrap + boon of hoarder is enough. Put more dmg, you dont want to camp in t10 forever. That is the farming difficulty, the faster you can farm it the faster you can progress. You need to kill stuff faster then they can kill you. Go with any of the t10 farming build. If you desperate just join public lobby and leech t10 rift until you are geared.

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