Any guide for this thorn frenzy build?

Just curious if anyone has a decent guide...gems, gear etc. thanks and please
There's a huge thread on it, Johnny.

Or you can look at my character if you're a visual learner.

: P
Thats an outcome of this thread i guess:
That isn't a throns frenzy barb lol Conan

No undisputed champion, no leg thorns gem no topaz in weaps! And that's just a start
Actually, you probably don't want to use undisputed champion for the thorns frenzy build.
Elo Thorns lovers xD 70gr solo done, 78 4player with this build. Gathering gear is slow but efficient, the build is hard 4 solo play, but it benefits da party ;) Here's ma own build:

and guide? I am living guide ;) I donno read guides, but maybe we'll wrote something with few other players without whom some ideas of the build would not seen daylight :)

In short, ya have 2 keep ip mob rule always up, keep da mobility and hit hard like a truck xD cdr+as+thorns.

And yes ya can call me Thorn'daddy ;)

01/21/2016 11:21 PMPosted by thetabop
That isn't a throns frenzy barb lol Conan

No undisputed champion, no leg thorns gem no topaz in weaps! And that's just a start

My profile on bnet just hasn't updated in a while.

Johnny's on my friends list and can just check out my actual setup. Haha!

Undisputed is detrimental to the thorns setup.
Thorns barb looks more fun than thornsader

oh the irony
Lol indeed. Once when I played sader 4 a while, I was tryin 2 make generator build with 2h flail cuz I just bloody love 2 swingin dat sheeeeet xD and 4 ma curiosity checked 2h Invoker and...just no :/ but thorns on barb are really cool BUT it's rather single target build+support 2 da party. Dmg output per set is insane while gg gear is gathered. Yesterday on that 78gr run highest non rg hit was like 14kkk and while stricken stacked on rg bout 25kkk+ PER HIT ;)

Atm ma no1 build ever ;) maybe not op but simply fun :)

Renamed it frenzy 2.4. Added some general info linking to sources applicable to general frenzy builds. I'll add more later or if you can do it better, be my guest.
Hagi: Enoone from Compton
Pls clarity that last :D sry tho English is not ma native language and I might misled some idioms? :D

Thorn'daddy Peace
I will, Hagi.

Enoone - a guy with insane mathematical skills and insanely poor writing style, which leads to a lot of people jumping on conclusions that he doesn't know what he is talking about. He also have a really weird attitude, which is creating mass confusion often.

Compton is two things, town in Cali and a DrDre thing. I suspect Conan was implying DrDre connection, because your writing style is really...hmm... Let's leave it at it. Really.

Also, not to be an jack@ss but your native language is my native language as well, so represent properly:)
K thx 4 clarify that :D and as 4 details I live in Zgierz, Poland ;)

But seriously thx m8 :) I suppose yeah, sometimes, maybe even most of times one could got confused reading my posts ;) so from now on I will do my best 2 keep them as clear as I can ok? :)


I'm just focking with you, Hagi.

You do type like you're from Compton though, for real.
But can you type like Teebag? That guy pounds on the keyboard.
:D I will try, honestly ;) pls forgive me 4 ma style sometimes it comes much easier 2 write that way ;) and taking on account that I work only on night shifts and sleep bout 3h daily then sometimes my words indeed could be hmmm...weird ;)

But fuk this, maybe I would have some free time 2days night and I'll start a thorns guide thread.


Your one and only real Thorn'daddy ;)

P.S. Ma mind not broken yet, it's just bend ;)

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