Monk's Mystic Ally bug NOT FIXED!

Bug Report
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I guess I'll add my voice to this as well.

Running a full Inna's set with Crudest Boots in the Cube, which I suspect is pretty common to the people who have posted before me.

Seems to drop me to around half my total health when I pick up groups of gems or materials. Haven't noticed it on shrines or pools, as other have.

Seven pages to the thread, Blizz. Hope you've noticed.
looks too low on the forum list ... so ...

8 pages and no blue yet...Bump.
Bumping because I'm too afraid to play my HC monk with Inna's
It's most noticeable when you level up, or go down a level on Rift. It's scary when I level in the middle of 2 groups of elite mobs and I see my health drop by 40%. Also, when rift boss dies and you'll picking up loot, each click will visibly reset the health bar again and again, while my regren tries to fill it back up.

Tested with no mystic ally on skill bar, with no rune on skill bar, and with earth ally on skill bar. no difference.

I'm basically playing with the assumption that my sheet toughness is an inflated number. I'm on HC so I'm not going beyond T8 until they fix this :)
Bump, reporting the same. Playing on HC, ground for HOURS AND HOURS to get this set, and it's almost too scary to use because of this :/ *sigh*
Same here. The life loss occurs all the time. Level, health well, xp well, item pick-up, salvaging, entering a level/instance AND if a party member uses a health or XP wells it will also drop my monks HP.

Adding my voice because I was playing a T10 L50 GR and died from leveling in the middle of a fight.
02/08/2016 12:04 PMPosted by Sheepysheep
8 pages and no blue yet...Bump.
monks dont get blue posts or any bugs fixed :(

Look here, it's a known issue, so it is highly unlikely we'll see a blue post on this since they've already acknowledged it.

I just hope it gets sorted out and fixed soon.
It's been on that page since the 19th of Jan. It's been a minute.
That's 3 weeks to the day today. I'm in Hardcore so it's a pretty BIG issue for me too, but 3 weeks is a reasonable amount of time to research, replicate, address and fix a bug.

Lets keep reporting/replying to this in hopes they fix it ASAP though.

Look here, it's a known issue, so it is highly unlikely we'll see a blue post on this since they've already acknowledged it.

I just hope it gets sorted out and fixed soon.

Thanks for the post and link, CorneliousJD. It is good to see Blizzard knows about the issue, but very disheartening to see it's been 4 weeks and no fix. Major frowny face...
Its been 2 YEARS and no fix. That's the problem -_-

SaiMorrigan 3/5/2014
The Mystic Ally with the Earth Ally rune is bugged. I lose 20% of my health any time I move anything in my inventory or chest and then have to regenerate it. This includes picking up an item off the ground. I have gone up to a healing well with max health and clicked on it and, again, it caused me to lose that 20% health. I have not come across a pool of reflection to see if that is affected in the same way and I have not noticed this issue occurring with shrines though I am not positive about that one. Health globes seem to work normally as this problem only seems to occur when I am at max health.

Taken from here
@ Versi, that's hardly an actual bug report. It's HIGHLY likely that they didn't even SEE it until recently when Inna's was changed.

I do agree it's been 3 weeks now, and I'd hope for a bug fix sooner, but at this point they know about it, and we can keep letting them know in this thread how important it is to us to get this fixed, but all we can really do is wait. Complaining like crazy isn't helping. And posting 50 threads isn't helping, and posting comments on skills themselves aren't helping.
I have added a complaint about the ally's well it all about the inna's that having the problem here is my post as well, ally's taking brake not fighting doing boss fight and bounty,s
With all this complaints are they convince there is a problem here

The fact that their bug fixing team hasn't fixed a two year old bug is still amazing. Maybe they need to put more money into that department. And that was still on diablo's website. Just because that guy didn't know where to post about the bug, it goes unchecked 2 years? You are literally complaining about a valid complaint. Hardcore characters died to it. Losing 40 percent hp in hardcore is worth a complaint. Maybe they are fixing other things first. I think they need something for this ASAP. So please save the drama for reddit man i just want to get their attention on this.

Edit: Three weeks is also way too long. Most games would hotfix something that big in days. And its not like it should be hard to figure out. They know the exact spell and rune that causes the bug.

Edit 2: The smoking gun

He not only submitted a bug report but they also said they fixed it, wonder why they 404-ed the page KAPPA
My only question is why blizz put out a product with so many problem and now that am doing more studying on this a problem that been going on two years and waste people time to get the monk and can not get past a certain point of a game is amazing, does all this people have bad RNG don't think so

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