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09/23/2016 01:30 AMPosted by IAHHEL
Well FireVixen i have checked all the forums here related to Diablo 3 and its all older posts of past DDOS attacks not the most recent for this month..So i requested sticky's on some posts and see what happens..I even tried to call Customer Support for Blizzard and its all automated you would think with a company that pulls in millions of dollars would have a Customer Support line with an actual human being talking to you about what is being done..But i find it hilarious that countries like France and and England have a customer support telephone number with someone they can actually talk what makes the Blizzard Office in Irvine California so special?

They don't have a customer support line. That is what the tech support forum is for. Alternatively, you can put in a trouble ticket. They are generally very helpful. But why employ and pay people to answer the phone, when they can do it through live chat and email? Many companies have gone that route, not just Blizzard.

As for not being able to log in to the PTR, the link you provided doesn't work. However, again, I don't think the PTR server is still active. My understanding is that they were performing a stress test recently, and didn't bring it down right after that finished (probably an oversight). However, shortly thereafter, someone else posted about playing the PTR and MissCheetah responded by saying that there was no testing going on, so she did not know why it was still active. Based upon that conversation, and the fact that there is nothing to test, that leads me to believe that the server has since been brought down. This would explain your inability to log in to it. You cannot, because it is not functioning.

Your alternative, of course, is to play the live server like everyone else does. That way you at least get to keep what you find, along with your progress and paragon.
Blizzard announce on 23th that overwatch Asian player will received compensation for the server connection issue. As usual, no compensation for D3 player. Why am I not surprise?
Servers are busy? Wait time 1 second? But its taking forever to load. :( Not a happy player :(
Let's not.

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