Legacy of Nightmares Rant

Items and Crafting
LoN rings are a spit in the face for Diablo 3. We work hard to complete sets and get items that boost that sets damage, it's fun and rewarding. Now comes along two rings and possibly some random trash and a few key piece that beat out your set. For me the sets feel like end game, they feel like the idetify you are what kind of WD, Wiz, Barb, etc that you are. The LoN rings take all that fantasy out of the game.

And that is my rant, thanks for listening.
I understand where you are coming from, but these rings do open up a much greater variety of play styles, which is a good thing.

One thing to note is that most of the people solo or otherwise are not utilizing this set to push the highest levels of greater rifts.
I have never used them but I can see the rings being used for builds that do not use any other sets and are just slapped together as either a side project or just to take the road less traveled. I do think the damage should be a tad higher though for such a restriction.
Can't see any wizard builds with LoN that can beat any of the sets. Zuni might be beaten by LoN, but the other sets not for WD.

A little too heavy on the generalization, but it's the point of having sets and builds. Also 6p sets are mostly self-explanitory, while the LoN is wide open so it becomes much more advanced
the problem is that the only measuring stick in the game is how good your damage is.
unless the damage compares to the sets, it will not be used...

I tried to use LoN and was loaded up with I think 7 or 8 ancient items and it was a fraction of the damage output of a few sets stitched together...

and i have MULTIPLE copies of set pieces all over the place....and comparably very few ancient items....

seems like they made Lon Builds a bit to scarce sadly....

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