Greater Rift Racing as a PvP option

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I was wondering what people would think of a game mode where you can queue up against other players to race on the same Greater Rift. This could work with solo or group play.

Essentially, each side would participate in a Greater Rift of the exact same design, though they would each be on their own maps. Progress bars would show your completion percentage as compared to that of the opposing side. Winners could get an increase in rewards off of the Rift Guardian or an increased number of rolls towards legendary gems. You could even make it so that the losing side loses some or all of their legendary gem rolls.

I would further recommend an option for direct challenges, so that friends or clan members may race individually, or to see who the top group is. A matchmaking system may also be implemented.

Let me know your thoughts, as well as any improvements or additions that may be made. I think this could be an excellent feature moving forward that allows for fun competition among players.
Interesting idea. +1
So many decent alternatives to unidimensional topless grifts.
Maybe just too easily abused by failing on purpose.
sry but we have leaderboards for that. plus if this goes live, win trading will be a thing.

grifts is the only kind of real endgame content they have produced since launch. and they promised us pvp 1 year after release. seems like it takes another 10 years for them to even give us more pve endcontent

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