The set dungeons are....really bad.

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I did a few runs just for a quest and it was a total WASTE OF TIME.
Good news!! I stopped playing Diablo 3 and instead went and played some browser solitaire!! Way more fun than these set dungeons. There's other websites on the internet besides Took my mouse and my wallet to them instead.
oh my back after years and some "away" time xD hello everyone, i would like to agree with the post, mostly, as it's hard it's also rewarding when you master the set dungeons, although most of the time i strongly recommend youtubing or googling the best build, because that could reduce your struggle by 50%... also using friends to help you clear after completing the main objectives is very helpful.
With that in mind, i agree that some of them are very annoying (looking at you, wasteland) and could use some support from ZDPS ppl who can gather and cc the mobs for you. On the other hand, some of them helped me learn my builds better, like raekor and wasteland... i became really good at avoiding physical damage, like, NINJA GOOD... and really good at gathering enemies quickly to aoe them and go for the next group.
I will definetely get master on all dungeons, although it pains me that it will force me to play classes that i dislike or simply rather not to (witch doctor mostly). Imho the ammount of required set dungeons master completion should be around 66%, i.e. 16 set dungeons mastered;; that's a lot of work and is totally worth the wings.
Actually I found set dungeons very interesting so far. Sorry, but there was nothing hard in wrath of the wastes dungeon. Yes, it took me around 30 restarts, but its relatively easy to mastery it. Uliana and dashing strike set is only that annoy me a bit. Still gathering sets for wd - last one for wings.
I absolutely agree with the mass majority. The set dungeons just plain suck. Mostly impossible. Boring.....waste.....of time. For the very few who want to brag about doing one or two within x number of times? No one cares. You're the very few. The majority find them hideous. Chasing mobs within a time frame, can't get hit, can't get in range.................worms, etc. Just awful. Developers? Listen to the players. Fix this hot mess or, remove. Thanks.
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Pretty much, trying to get 10 mobs together in a clump to unleash your allies while they are running around one shotting things is certainly a challenge, just not a fun one. I'll stick with grinding, that way more fun and rewarding

Yes this was the one I tried and then I decided an extra stash tab wasn't worth all the bother. I play for fun not to be annoyed and bad design annoys me.
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I did all my monk sets on season, and you onl need one mastery for the stash tab so that is an invalid point. and the 3 I had help on were the raiment, tal rashas, and vyrs. Raiment and Tals are both easy dungeons my friends wanted me to run rifts with them so they helped me finish them faster. The vyrs I was simply lacking damage and didnt want to gear up a decent wizard. They really arent hard at all and for a stash tab if you cant do ONE set dungeon you arent really trying very hard.

Welp, we cant all be as perfect as you are bud. *shrug*

And if you want to do the conquest in season (as I mentioned above, you do need to do 2 conquests for the tab as well) then you need to run 8 set dungeons and master them.

If it were indeed that easy, I doubt we would have 22 pages of people here having all kinds of problems with em.

I doubt any of these are really 'hard', I think a lot of people just hate doing tedious stuff that they believe has serious design problems. The one I did the challenge would be to figure out what lvl of gear I would need to be able to complete it and still do all the objectives. That is just not something I want to waste my time on. Some people don't mind doing things like that or they may have just lucked out and went in there when their gear was the proper level.

Also if this is supposed to be a challenge to master a 'set' of gear I am not sure why they made it impossible to do without a legendary as well, i.e. Inna - you need 10 ally which is impossible to have with just this Inna set.
... makes attempting to 'master' this just feel like a job I hate instead of a game I enjoy.

I couldn't agree more.

I gave up on the Firebird's dungeon for a while, and instead moved onto the Delsere's dungeon later on. The amount of frustration involved in these dungeons is just beyond anything that I would have ever expected a AAA game developer to conceive as "entertainment".

I said screw the whole thing and just decided to move onto other games. D3 is just a ball of grindy, annoying BS.
Lets take the Jade set dungeon.

The mobs are worms and nagas, the naga invisibility is purely rng, some won't leave stealth for a few seconds, some will instantly recast stealth as soon as they leave, and they are immune during stealth. Getting to the last 2-3 mobs, seeing skulls on your map and not being able to attack them is a stupid design. Some people get incredibly lucky and snakes don't go invis/immune, some have 2-3 instant invis refreshes on snakes and it is literally impossible to kill them.

It isn't "mastering" the set, it's pure RNG nonsense.
I stopped looking for logic in the decisions of this dev team a long time ago.
It's funny how marauders started at 100% per sentry got nerfed and left untouched on one of my characters for two years then got buffed back up to 6 times it's original damage, leading to questioning whether this team balances, or just makes up random numbers for everything every patch
Seriously, with that kind of design consistency, don't be looking for logic in anything these people do, you'll be digging for ages
I was trying to do the Monkey King one. After trying 15 times I gave up. Not fun.

Mobs are too squishy, or not enough mobs, and in 4 tries I got ganked by the Monkey King Guardian elite. Not just one but 3 at one time. Yeah 3 elites from 3 different directions all spamming their mortar attack. Meanwhile trying to race a timer.


This season was like going to a fine restaurant for a 7 course meal and loving it till the 7th when they gave me a dessert of chocolate moose and it turned out to be a plate with a turd on it.
I agree, I detest trying to do these dungeons. They are not fun, and mostly involve nerfing your character into the ground. This is Diablo, having to nerf your own character makes no sense. The fact you need to complete these dungeons to progress through the season objectives have made me not want to play seasons since I am being forced to do something that is no fun. Normally, I love playing seasons and trying to push to complete as many objectives as possible. I have pretty much given up on this season already since I am not going to try to master set dungeons.
Fk this. Tried helltooth set dungeon for 3 hours straight and kept missing 1 or 2 mobs that never followed my character. Dumb objectives!
I have tried Unhallowed Dungeon 20+ times without success. This is beyond annoying. Has nothing to do with mastery, and everything to do with monsters spawing in the right locations.
They sure did a nice job with the Royal Quarters - hack and slash to get.... a clue.
I cant do none of them all dh all wd all wiz. my question is why is mastery on a low journey instead of the last one. I been on champion since day 1 of the patch cant even pass none. thx for the great patch but the dungeons need serious work or take the mastery off champion journey and add it to the final journey. I failed all three over 400x total, nothing but a waste of time
Tal Rasha's Dungeon...have completed the mastery requirements several times except not getting hit by rockworm-thing...complete RNG the bloody thing spawns right underneath your feet.
I mean it, fukk this. 1 goddam monster left, several times.
I dislike the Set Dungeons so far. However, I love the players who have created guides and give tips on how to succeed in them! You guys rock!
The biggest shortcoming of the set dungeons is that while they are extremely "challenging" to play alone, they are mostly trivial if you just invite a friend and have them clear it for you.

For instance, Marauder's is difficult because of those rock works that will cause you to fail the "keep enemies outside of melee range" objective.

But if you have a friend, then all you need to do is sit at the entrance, place 3 turrets (and then another every 15 or so seconds) while your friend (in whatever gear they want for whatever class) clears the entire dungeon. You will master the dungeon, as despite them being in melee range, you, the one with Marauder's remained outside of melee range.

It's such an idiotic oversight and just shows how ill-conceived the entire concept is. That, or the implementation is just horrendous. Either way, whoever is responsible for the set dungeons in their current state did a really poor job. A for effort, but F for quality.

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