Monk Inna's set 6p drops your health to 60%

Bug Report
On various occasions like picking up items, a level up, using shrines / pylons / pools, the HP bonus of the stone mystic ally is reapplied and leaves you with 60% of your buffed health.

I highly doubt that this is intentional, as leveling up while fighting a pack brings you in a pretty bad situation, especially in hardcore mode.

Please address this issue asap, this is known since PTR tests and got reported several times.
Bump, this is driving me nuts in hardcore. Why isn't this addressed since ptr?
Becuase they don't have a clue how to fix it, thats why!
they dont seem to bother fixing monk bugs, so dont hold youre breath for a fix.

#redheaded stepchild class
Bump. C'mon, Blizzard, at least acknowledge the bug!
Bump. Driving me nuts too.
its a monk bug so dont hold youre breath for a fix let alone any response from cm's or dev's. they dont fix monk bugs.


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