Season Conquest: Avarice on Torment 6

For those of you struggling with running GR 45 with no set pieces, this one is ridiculously easy to achieve and there is practically zero chance of dying in HC. This has probably been posted before elsewhere, but I didn't see it so I thought I'd throw it up for anyone that might need it.

Full Wrath of the Wastes, Bul-Kathos sets
Boon of the Hoarder leveled to at least 40 (I had mine to 50... now I can use as an Augment or do this run anytime I need gold)
Follower decked out in GF gear
Emerald in Helm

Cubed: Furnace, Leoric's Crown, RoRG
Optional: A cosmetic follower (the little dogs or tree looking thing) as they pick up gold now.
Gems: Pain Enhancer, Bane of the Trapped, Boon of the Hoarder

I ran WW6/BK2 on Torment 6 with Goldskin, Chilanik's Chain. Have as much GF on your gear as you can, you want to see at least 9000% GF on your character sheet before you start.

Location: Ruins of Corvus

This is particularly useful for those on HC that don't want to risk dying on a GR45. The requirements aren't difficult to meet, you don't need shrines. Boost your movement speed as much as you can, kill everything, and watch the gold start to pile up.

It can also be highly useful to run through the map first without killing anything to learn where the dead ends are, spawn all of the little Scarabs, and open all of the doors.

Just pick up the larger gold stacks and let your cosmetic follower trail behind and pick up the smaller ones, and watch your gold streak pile up. It took all of a minute and a half to earn the gold required, and maybe a quarter of the map.

Don't know if anyone will find this useful, but it's really effective and is an easy way to earn the stash tab or farm gold.

GL guys.

EDIT: Also I'd recommend staying away from the Avarice Band ring. The additional pickup radius helps pick up your gold, but you pick it up too fast in some cases and run out of piles. You've only got a second or two before your streak dies. Use any other rings/ammy that are decent and have a GF secondary.
Awesome. Much appreciated. It's laughably absurd what they are making players accomplish to obtain this desperately needed stash tab.
I'll be honest I don't play HC and after the GR45 I looked at the other 4 and... well, I'm not creating another class for the GR 55 or the set dungeon challenge. Not sure I'd beat all 5 acts in an hour, so I did some quick searching on the net and got some ideas.

Shared in case anyone else was hitting a wall with it, this is one is laughably easy to accomplish.

You can probably do it with any of the barb sets equipped, but I chose WW6 as it has arguably the easiest to control high speed to kill and pick up quick. And if you've got the sets then T6 is a breeze.
Thank you! I hadn't thought t6 high enough for that amount of gold but my first test got me 20mil before my lack of dps (no rorg, so I lost 6pc bonus of wastes when putting on gold skin) stopped it. Need to be able to kill the occasional blood dude to keep streak up between scarab blobs. Going to farm a rorg and give it another shot.

I admit this conquest is frustrating me. Only really easy with the right set up in my opinion.
Great idea.

We've seen good results in a Solo Cow Rift with high gold find.

Wait, there is no cow level.
True on the cow level, also some other areas have great density as well. Or just hit a gilded baron on a TX rift.

This I think is probably the easiest to plan for though if no bardiche. Which is where I was at :-/
Yeah it's pretty simple.

I just used 4pc raekor with rorg in cube, goldskin and leoric's with emerald.

I've done Avarice twice now and both times I completed the conquest in the Fields of Misery, since there is a Cursed Shrine and the Waves help out a bit with gold.
If I can add to the OPs plan you can use avarice band you just have to take off your weapons aggro all mobs then pass thru using your BK weapons easy pzy.
01/28/2016 04:38 AMPosted by burnaway
If I can add to the OPs plan you can use avarice band you just have to take off your weapons aggro all mobs then pass thru using your BK weapons easy pzy.

It can work but I advise against it as the pickup radius can cause a fail if you run out of mobs.

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