Steal from the Monk above you

I'd take that Haunt of Vaxo for my LoN build :3
That is a REALLY nice copy of the LoN set. I would so take that.
I'd probably take the Inna's head piece. STILL trying to get an Ancient one with good stats after spending a bazillion shards
Id steal your shenlongs...cant get an ancient to save my life.
i'll take that travelers pledge...thank you
Wanting to steal your fist weapons.
That Inna's Reach Daibo is nice, Rubbz. I'll take that!
That is a nice Istvan's set you have there, Blake. Mine now!
Khord, I'll take your nice The Flow of Eternity ... sweet rolls!
My phone won't let me see profiles so here is a free stab at my monks...... :)
Hard but i think that incense torch may be useful. Interesting ring choice on Sixela, just waiting for 6 piece i assume?
I'll take that Inna's chest off your heal monk.
@Nssheepster, I'll take your Unity ring since I haven't seen one drop in season 5 yet.
I'll take your compass rose since all the ones I've re-rolled are pretty bad. :P
I'd take that ancient Focus in a minute, still can't find one lol.
I'd like your HF Ammy please. Would love a good excuse not to use Sunwuko's shines!
Give me your amulet, lel

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