Cube attempts for already extracted power

Console Bug Report


The cube interface allows me to select my RORG even though it is already an extracted power.

The rorg it allows is Ancient.

Not a big deal bit id hate to waste mats.
That was a bug on 2.3 too....

With items that have been revamped with new stats you will also be able to recube but only one time...but RoRG you can recube infinite...bug.
I am seeing this with a few other items, too - all of them I've already cubed, but which I have in stash. RoRG is one. Dracon's Bracers is the other. If you try to Extract, you get a red error text saying you've already extracted it.
Same, also not seeing items i have cubed (even on valid classes). I STARTED experiencing it with 2.4
Problem still present on current patch applied May 2019.

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