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so this trick only works in non season. but who cares. i guess some ppl know about this already. but all you guys should use this method before blizz nerfs it.

in the meantime you probably have lots of gems that you dont need. lets say you play wizzard as ur main, so need alot of topaz for the new cube recipe to add int on ur gear.

but you dont need rubys ect...

you can now trasmute ur rubys into topaz in a2. use the essences from the vendor in town.


and here is the trick.

dont waste ur money and use it on ur small gems, craft the highend gems (always 9 at a time) and than put them in the cube together with the desired essence.

+9 highend gems
+1 desired essence (eg topaz essence to get topaz)

and you end up with 9 highend gems of a different colour.

i hope this helps someone out there

greetings from austria
How did you think people were going to use them?

What? Is this ... what even is this?

It's not a trick it's just... what? Why do you think this is something special?
Thank you OP, great trick. I normally transformed plain gems with this recipe, and it takes 20'000 gems to make a Flawless one, so understandably it was a bit difficult. But now with your tip i finally can stop use low end characters to farm plain gems and can use your trick. Big thanks again.
Hi (sorry for bad english).
OP really,
Not a trick,
this is just common sense......
Uhh, it's not going to get nerfed. Doing this for a whole gear set worth of caldesan's doesn't even save you 200M gold. Plus, it's obviously intended or the recipe would read "imperial or lower."
just check the forum. ppl dont even know that they need to use a topaz to get int on their gear with the new cube recipe.

but yes downvote my post. this is what the internet has become
01/13/2016 11:37 AMPosted by karajobob
but yes downvote my post. this is what the internet has become

You won't get auto downvoted because "this is what the internet has become".

You'll get downvoted because you are making fun of people you think are not as smart you. Try not laughing when people make a mistake and offer sound advice. Make the internet a better place.
rofl at this topic, thats how it worked all last season, its literally intended.
yes because main stat cubing was a thing last funny here.

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