Does Anyone Like Set Dungeons?

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I for one do not. If it was just an "alternate" thing to do that would be fine. I am sure some people like the challenge (and I use that term loosely) but to force us to do them for stash space.

I liked the Unhallowed, Jade, Delsere's, Firebird's and Helltooth dungeons. The other 3 or 4 I completed were a nuisance. There are good dungeons but I haven't tested even nearly all of them.
Umm... Sorry, but you have to do what? Master a single set dungeon along your journey to stash space (8 if you choose that as one of your conquests)?

How is that any different than requiring you to achieve any number of other things to get the stash space?

I fail to see how your dislike of set dungeons is any more relevant to the acquisition of stash space than any of the other requirements.

So the real question is: are you here to complain about set dungeons or the fact that Blizzard didn't just give you stash space for doing nothing?
I love the idea.

The execution of them leaves something to be desired though.

One dungeon will confound me.. how the hell is it possible; even following a guide I'm still banging my head against the wall. The next, master first try blind.

I'm assuming with all the posts on this subject they will tweak them next season patch.

Overall love the idea of odd-ball difficult challenges that don't really have a gear-check (well... round-n-round we could on that line I guess due to needing to wear whites or nothing lol).
I'm not a fan of them personally, but each class has at least one set dungeon out there that is incredibly easy compared to their other options so getting that extra stash tab isn't nearly as difficult as people are claiming. I was one of the people initially disgusted at the thought of having to do two conquests to get my precious stash tab, turns out it's actually not that bad.

Most people will agree, Avarice and 45 GR solo, no sets are the way to go. One requires a little bit of gold find and patience, the other just requires a few key pieces of gear.

If mastering a set dungeon is difficult, you can also lessen the difficulty and simple have a friend (or two or even three) be there with you which trivializes a large number of set dungeons as well.
I like them, yes. The idea, and the execution for most of those I did so far were good and enjoyable.
I didn't expect that kind of thing in diablo, so I was pleasantly surprised by finding out those set dungeon.
Like pretty much most everyone else I've seen post on this or have talked to in game, I like the concept of them but the implementation of them is terrible. For starters, the "kill remaining monsters before timer runs out" that every dungeon has just needs to go. The reason for this is that many of the dungeons are far too large to cover ground on (at least if you're doing these solo. Most times I have to have almost a full party to help me once I nail objectives) and RNG ensures that you'll be fishing for mob density. I mean, how is praying to the rng gods the rift will have more than 16 monsters in a pack THIS TIME (I'm looking sternly at you UE dungeon) an integral part of learning your set's capabilities?
It has nothing to do with what your set is capable of. And of course some dungeons have monsters that like to turn invisible and hide in the deepest corners, and you're left to wonder why the hell you keep failing because 1 or 2 of these things seem to have all the disappearing capabilities of Jimmy Hoffa. We already know that these sets can kill everything. Most of the time, people will test them out in rifts or while running bounties to see their full killing power.

Also, some of the requirements are just flat out dumb. Yeah, a whirlwind barb cannot take physical damage when the point of it is to charge headlong into packs of mobs and butcher them with rend. I know the barb is a character whose badassry is the stuff of legend, but come on. He/she's gonna get hit once in a while. In fact, that's a part of what makes the barb awesome. You can take a demonic enchanted blade to them and watch in horror as it shatters into pieces when a barb gets hit with it. The dungeon does very little to give any kind of understanding to the set capabilities or further enhance the mystique and lore of the class.

I'm not asking for freebies here. I love a good challenge and despite my beefs, I still plan to master all of them this season anyways. I would just like the devs to maybe plan rolling these out a bit better and not rush them out the door just because it's new content. A season needs to have more PTR testing done prior and not be rushed out every 3 months. Otherwise, we're just gonna keep getting new content that no one likes and seems broken 90% of the time. Then again, PTR is pretty pointless if devs are going to ignore fixing what the community asks for and do trolling "Hey, redesigned set that does +800%/ancient item you have! Lol, j/k. We're making +100%/ancient. We just threw that big number out at first to build hype and get people into PTR for the new patch" crap. And for those that think these challenges are terribad now, you should've seen some of them during PTR. Jade dungeon, not only did you have to try and track down these random invisible snakes, but you had to not take arcane damage while doing so. Without the right elemental ammy in the cube, dungeons were basically insta-fail fests.

More tweaking on the dungeons should have been done and more listening on the devs part should also have been done. Then again, we've been asking for a decent PvP since vanilla and the furthest we've ever gotten was a tiny brawling arena that no one likes or uses. Like everything else, we'll get not a peep from blues on here, and outside of a tiny hotpatch here or there, nothing will be done about it.
01/26/2016 01:17 PMPosted by Dwic
I for one do not. If it was just an "alternate" thing to do that would be fine. I am sure some people like the challenge (and I use that term loosely) but to force us to do them for stash space.


I mastered all 24. There easy as. I dont know what your complaining about
I really don't like it for a few reasons but most of all the silly rules they put in place and too much damage and I fail. I think this will stop me getting the extra tab space.
01/26/2016 02:06 PMPosted by jessicametal
Then again, we've been asking for a decent PvP since vanilla

No we haven't.

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