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And there it is... the "I think they're incompetent because they're not developing the game I want" argument. Soak it in, fellas... in all its glory!

I honestly don't know how to argue with pontification of this magnitude. I guess I'll have to give you that one.

Lol, you do realize they don't even get ARPG PvE right, don't you? ARPGs have always thrived on flexibility and meaningful experimentation. The current set item dominated meta does everything but. Then you people wonder why this game dies shortly after a season is released.

Yes yes... I'm sure Alexey Pajitnov thought people who played his game were going to sit and waste hours upon hours of their lives doing it.

Did you know that the most played games on the planet currently are mobile games? Games that are meant to sit and waste a few minutes of someone's time when they're bored? I bet the developers of those games think little of their work as well, having designed games that aren't meant to be played for long periods of time...

Ultimately you're making the "Diablo 3 is just a casual game for casuals" argument here, which basically just translates to you whining that the game doesn't cater to your specific needs.

The Rolling Stones had a song about this.

PvP doesn't imply hardcore, you know? I'm merely pointing out the fact PvP and relevant competition demonstrably extends the lifespan of any game a tenfold, rather than just "for a bit before going back to Warlords". Options is the key concept they're failing to understand. I get itr, you don't like PvP, but that doesn't mean some properly structured PvP shouldn't be there.

This comment is irrelevant. Yes, it's true that PvP does tend to grasp more players and keep them playing a game for longer periods of time. That's true.

The problem is that you're implying Diablo 3 needs to be a game that provides that experience with little reason to support the claim beyond "I want PvP".

Not to mention, your premise is flawed. While a game having PvP can increase its lifespan, it doesn't always do that. There are many games out there with dead PvP modes months after launch, because the PvP is garbage. Alternatively, there are many games that don't have PvP and don't even receive official updates for years that people still play to this day.

Fair enough. Would actually apply to D3 if it wasn't copy-pasted from WoW, where PvP actually does work. Good attempt, though, I'll give you that.

01/03/2016 10:41 AMPosted by Telliks
Which ultimately seems to just consist of reducing player damage, according to your arguments.

You can go test that out by stacking +defense gear and not using sets and start brawling right now. It's... not good. lol

The simplest way to explain to you that you're wrong is to knock the crutches out from under that "they did it with WoW!!!!11" argument you seem to like so much.

I wouldn't if the system wasn't ported from there almost intact. You seem to have a lot of trouble acknowledging this. Can't really convince you about resilience being a viable solution till you do. If you don't want to see the obvious, then I don't know what else to tell you.

01/03/2016 10:41 AMPosted by Telliks
WoW is in no way the same game as Diablo 3. Listing the multitude of ways that an MMO like WoW is different from an ARPG like Diablo 3, well... that would be a long list. The most important ones, however, being that the gameplay, skill/talents systems, control layout, and even the interface are entirely different between the two games. Besides that, if you want them to just copy/paste the way WoW does things, you could always just go play WoW...

I'm not listing anything just for the heck of it. Wasn't it Blizzard's decision to port over as much stuff from WoW into D3 as they could? Might as well port some actual solutions to the mess they've created as well, don't you think?

And no thanks, not really fond of shelling up cash fees every months just to play a game I paid for already.

01/03/2016 10:41 AMPosted by Telliks
At the end of the day, your arguments are all over the place. You say that PvP would be simple to implement (by way of saying the developers are too lazy to do so), then you say that you want competitive PvP, even if it's not as e-sports-related as a fully PvP oriented game. Then for comparison, you equate two games that aren't even remotely mechanically the same, by way of a marginally similar itemization system.

Yet somehow manage to follow identical progression layouts. Who would've expected someone to make a parallel comparison of both! Again, we didn't ask them to port over WoW's systems into Diablo, but they decided to do so anyways. Might as way go all the way and put the contingency measures to mitigate the fallout of such decision.

01/03/2016 10:41 AMPosted by Telliks
It's quite simple. To "make good" on their promise of implementing PvP that they printed on the box, Blizzard gave you brawling. For all intents and purposes, that is PvP, and given the direction they've driven this game over the last two years, it's unlikely you'll ever see more than that. If they do decide to improve PvP a bit, it will most likely come as a slight expansion to Brawling, perhaps implementing a few extra arenas, maybe a rudimentary scoring/matching system... but beyond that, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Then why did they emphasize on it if they just weren't able to do it (despite this claim being demonstrably false)? You would be surprised, though, what a rudimentary score/match system could do for the game's longevity alongside proper scaling for PvP damage. Hell, D2 didn't even have sophisticated systems, and the PvP community thrives to this day. Other games like MH or PoE have proper PvP modes with a lot of people enjoying them. It's just naive to simply accept their word about it "being too difficult".

01/03/2016 10:41 AMPosted by Telliks
"True" competitive PvP in Diablo 3 is never going to happen, for a multitude of reasons. You're a damn fool if you think any of those reasons are easily overcome.

Not easy, perhaps. Impossible? not so much. Trying sure beats giving up like they did after promising it for so long, though.
ITT : People who somehow forgot they are talking about the diablo serie of games which was a grindfest of gears in the 2 previous iteration.
Not going to bother with the rest. I've already addressed most of it, you failed to listen and proved my opening statements, and arguing in circles is boring.

Get back to me when you admit that cherry-picking select gear mechanics to compare two games doesn't make those games in any way the same.

01/03/2016 11:36 AMPosted by Blashyrkh
Not easy, perhaps. Impossible? not so much. Trying sure beats giving up like they did after promising it for so long, though.

This one is interesting though...

Exactly how long should they "try" before you'll be satisfied with hearing that it just doesn't !@#$ing work? From what I can see, they worked on it for well over a year before Jay finally decided that it was never going to be worth the effort.

Would you be happy if they had spent the last three years continuing to work on something that they already have no desire or motivation to do? You mentioned before that your arbitrary ideas of what makes a "stupid statement" proves they don't believe in their work, yet you want them to spend time fleshing out a mode they don't think can work just because a few people on the forums demand it?

Pretty much nothing has been done to Brawling since Josh took over. They've already proven they don't want anything to do with PvP, yet you presume to call them lazy for not doing it simply because you want them to.

So again I ask... how long do you expect them to work on developing a game mode just because you think the game needs it? Exactly how long? However long it takes for you to see the result you want?
Moved to the graveyard of the forum --- Brawl :O
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Moved to the graveyard of the forum --- Brawl :O

lol yeah it was. Where it belongs.
They bolted on GRs to give leaderboards a metric. GRs are the lynch pin of the whole seasons\leaderboards strategy and yet they suck and have pretty much ruined the game. All so a handful of idiots who are too stupid to reconcile their juvenile fantasies of being the best at diablo with reality can "compete".

Diablo isn't competitive.. it never was and never will be. You want PvP and if this dev team took that on you would get something like GRs.. a crap game mode that doesn't even fit in the franchise which nobody would play (because it sucks) unless blizz gives it absurd exclusives like they have with GRs.

Any of you who want "competition" in d3 need to get over yourselves. Grow up. You suck and so does your clan and if the game was competitive in any meaningful way you would lose and still whine. Blizzard made a massive mistake in wasting time and money on the "competitive" crowd with GRs\seasons\leaderboard. It's a tiny niche and it was a mistake to cater to just based on number of players. Worse they turned the game into monte haul and obsoleted all other content by making GRs so absurdly over-rewarded (lol @ only mode of play that can go beyond t10 cap) and have blithely sat by and watched core game systems get ruined (like paragon and itemization).

So you want them to spend more time on yet another "competitive" mode that again is only for a small niche and again has nothing to do with the core game and franchise? When the game is pretty much ruined and heading in all the wrong directions because of how terrible GRs are?
who ever redirected it is an idiot. its not a topic about brawling .
01/03/2016 01:22 PMPosted by DragonLight
who ever redirected it is an idiot. its not a topic about brawling .


Yes it is. This is a topic about pvp. In this game, pvp = brawling.
01/03/2016 12:03 PMPosted by Telliks
From what I can see, they worked on it for well over a year before Jay finally decided that it was never going to be worth the effort.

Just sayin'... Who actually believed any of the bs he spouted out? He was clearly f****g clueless, PVP wasn't -really- intended in d2, but the way the game was, people made it happen. Unfortunately with the way d3 is, it can't happen. I liked the PVP side after I completed the game, MF the best gear I could to clear cows as efficiently as other, then it was hunting best PVP gear.

I liked it but I've accepted it's never going to happen as well as the fact that d3, is probably never going to be anymore than a mediocre ARPG, yet I still follow these forums in some desperation attempt hoping that maybe it would be deemed a 'good' game, (the journey from 1-70 is good, but then that's it).
you really though that was there main focus when they made this game do you know what kind of a game you purchased

"Compentition" in the form of Grift-Leaderboards and endless difficulty has ruined or at least tremendously harmed the game that we know as "Diablo III".

D2 didn't have direct-compentition. The compentition was indirect, in the form of who plays enough to have better chances to find uber-items in order to farm even more efficiently. I loved this type of "competition".

I despise the endless difficulty and "Leaderboards" that make 99.9% of the playerbase unhappy with their gear and "paragon-levels". D3 is fundamentally flawed IMO for this and many other reasons.
09/13/2017 07:00 PMPosted by TOPCommander
D2 didn't have direct-compentition. The compentition was indirect, in the form of who plays enough to have better chances to find uber-items in order to farm even more efficiently. I loved this type of "competition".

Ever hear of Ladders? You know in D2 Ladders were the "Leader Boards" as they are called now...

Also D2 did have the PVP with Hostile... How ever that was broken too. Now at least there arent any spam bots and such going on. I logged on a few nights ago just for ol'time sake. Not a bot to be found... anywhere.
Diablo 3 Battle Royal mode, my dream for PvP.
I made a post on reddit/r/diablo3 about my idea and all the benefits the game could have from implementing such a fun and competitive mode. I would love to see it, or at least get Blizzard to think about it... It is not hard to accomplish and would be super positive fpor the comunity!

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