If D3 Gets A New Expansion...What Do You Want?

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01/11/2016 08:51 AMPosted by dos350

Eh that would just bring out one of the huge flaws of D2. Trading in groups is fine but no just no to trading outside of that.
1. Stash Space
2. 2 more classes. Preferably something Amazon-like and something Druid-like.
3.Sets powered back down to much smaller damage bonuses
4. Skill Tree with Synergies
5. Offline Mode
01/11/2016 09:58 AMPosted by Mochan
5. Offline Mode

That won't happen. Blame the gaming pirates for that.
01/11/2016 08:03 AMPosted by metalface187
Fix keyboard lag with wireless Logitech keyboards that has been there since release?

That's not the game's fault, that's either your keyboard's fault or your PC's fault.
trials but BUT not like before ..more like an arena..WITH rewards at the ends and NO RNG at all ..
01/11/2016 05:33 AMPosted by Starbird
01/11/2016 05:31 AMPosted by pyth0n
Balanced PVP.

While some form of PvP would be interesting, I don't think it's going to happen. It would be nearly impossible to balance and that balance would likely come at the expense of PvE (as always, always happens).

PvP only stats

there done balanced easy

hell could easily be done on 1 ptr cycle
A decent build system
Build diversity
A huge stat squish
No more legendary effects
Sets revamp
Paragon revamp and limit
Stash space
Trade system maybe
More end-game events
No more FPS drops
Nah just instant Hostile Button which cancels banner teleport or player visual
I want a character progression system, independent of gear, more permanent, that rewrites Paragon. It could be account-wide like Paragon is currently, but once points are distributed there's no going back. These would go into your skills, not your stats. No more skill damage on gear, only stats and interesting effects. Skill damage goes into your skills via Paragon.
i want botters to be gone
01/11/2016 05:29 AMPosted by Starbird
Aside from finishing the story and some new classes, items, I'm actually sort of struggling to think what could be added.

I would like to see A2, 3 and 4 redone to be a little better lore wise and content wise. These really pale compared to A1 and 5 atmospherically.

I don't want an expansion personally. The core of this game is set in stone and the same problems have been reoccurring since vanilla. All of which are directly tied to core design mechanics blizzard chose as the foundation of this game.

Diablo needs a new start and a clean slate, basically an entirely new game/redesign is what's needed.
Pasionate dev team, not only talented.
This is old, but they still haven't completely addressed the issues brought up here:

Unfortunately, they can't fix this problem since it comes from the very core of this games item design, so we'll have to wait for a fourth installment of the series for any hope there.

They've taken steps to try to increase build diversity, but that build diversity comes from massive boosts from specific gear pieces. (resulting in your gear determining your character's build, and not the other way around)

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