Chapter 4 & Set Dungeons

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totally agree what you said. Dungeon is rubbish.
01/18/2016 09:35 AMPosted by Joshua

(for reference, I'm salty about the DH Marauder set dungeon, with those ridiculous rock worm things that don't even give you ANY kind of signal that they are about to pop up under you. Having to master a dungeon for the Champion track is going to be super painful.)

I'm pretty sure the rock worms show up where you were standing a fraction of a second ago. So don't stand in one place any longer than you have to and don't make 180's and backtrack, move in sweeping arcs instead. Yangs with multishot (over Manticore with cluster arrow) made this one a bit easier as well. The RNG factor can of course be frustrating, but if you try different things this one can be sussed out relatively quickly.

Jades on the other hand, even after eking out every ounce of speed just to finish the damn thing (krem's belt with MWG, zombie dogs with fierce loyalty, etc.) you still have to get lucky with the invisible snakes. Watching the last one disappear as time runs out definitely tests your wall punching ability :p.
Got Innas first try, really hated it, got it checked off, doubt I'll go master it.
I cant get the 5 groups of 10 enemies for the allies without running out of time... but at least it's checked off the list.

This does not mean I like them or it is easy, it just means the min req was appreciated.
Mastered the Wizard set dungeon after 3 days of failure and frustration.

When i finally "returned" to the game i notice my dps and survival rate got better.

I teach Martial Arts, sometimes we have special bootcamps wich are very very hard, we train 7 hours a day with just a 15 min pause for water, all during 5 days. At the end of the bootcamp, the students have improved greatly

Kinda look at the set dungeons as bootcamps for training and developing your class affinity rather than improving your gear.
set dungeons would be cool if it was ballanced a little better, can Master Natalya with my eyes closed every time but still cant do jade
i was having trouble with the Helltooth dungeon for WD, until i got a Mara's kaleidoscope with the negate poison damage. Then i finished the dungeon easily, but in no way did i master it. I was just so happy to be able to survive and complete one objective in the dungeon.

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