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The Act 1 Bounty: Kill John Gorham Coffin was impossible to complete for me on the PS4. This bounty, in addition to killing John, requires me to kill 50 enemies in the Defiled Crypt. The problem is that there were only 47 enemies in this crypt in it's entirety (I searched a dozen times for more hidden enemies by breaking everything). I even tried entering a different "Defiled Crypt" but only kills in that specific crypt counted.

Not being able to complete this bounty means I couldn't get the bonus for the Act which means I had to start over as I couldn't get the bonus Act changed without completing it.

Can the algorithm that determines monster density please be set so that it will always spawn a minimum of the number of enemies you need to complete any and all bounties in that area?
I had the same problem with that bounty.
There definitely was not enough enemies to kill.

Blizzard please fix.
It's May 23 2017, bug is still here. Killed John and only found 47 enemies of the needed 50. Please fix.
yea a few people and I also ran into this, we spent a good half hour beforer we realized it was bugged, and just quit.
Same with me a few weeks ago.
i've had this bounty like 3 times in one day..NEVER had an issue completing it.. you guys need to check every nook and cranny of the dungeon to find the remaining monsters.
Let those wretched mothers spawn more zombies??
Hug the walls, they're in the sarcophagus/tombs
I read about this last night, then today I had the same problem as the original poster: 47 of 50 enemies killed with no more in sight.

I did 4 passes covering every nook and cranny - along with 10 mystic allies alongside. Nada.

Just restarted the bounty, but wanted to post here for the devs to see.

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