Am I doing something wrong with N6?

Demon Hunter
So I've read some people saying N6 is still viable, some saying it's the strongest, some saying it's weaker... All I know is I can barely clear gr65 with it, which is a cakewalk with m6.

Here is my seasonal nats setup (if I don't have nats equipped)

I don't think there's anything wrong with my gear... am I just not fishing enough, pulling enough creeps, something else? Is nats really dependent on the grift layout and monsters? Like for gr65 I know I can walk into any and clear with plenty of time to spare with ue or m6, doesn't feel that way with my nats.

At one point in s4 I got to rank 29 with nats, so I feel like I should have some idea of how to play it but I'm not sure about that anymore lol

Edit: cleared up to 67 with nats, tried to do 71 several times, can't do it... not enough damage, everything hits so hard too.
The fan of inives n6 build is my faveourite. Uses lightning dmg. I lost my n6 to a silly death. Was using a good dawn in offhand and the fan dagger in cube.
I tried N6 today since I finally completed it full ancient, and while the damage seemed alright for the most part, I have no idea how people survive using this spec.

I tried a 72 today, and I got wrecked hard, even with full (although slightly low level) taeguk, one hit from anyone was almost halving my HP (850k), and I am pretty sure I have enough toughness. I am trying to spam my smoke screen as much as possible, but as soon as I get fast mobs or closed spaces, I am done for.

My guess would be that people fish rifts with slow and dumb mobs on open spaces like that a4 rift you can get.

Now to find an ancient manticore argh.
still dunno how the top players on the leaderboards r nat6. I guess, it's their paragon level that gives them the juice to beef that set up.
Yeah, maybe I do need another thousand paragon levels before nats becomes viable?
I believe this is true. Nats is sadly underpowered. I got past 71 but 72 has been downright agonizing. Bad maps, sure. But I can feel it when I'm doing sub-par damage. Thanks to SS, I could survive okay if I could just bring the monsters down faster.

Alas, I too am looking for a good ancient Manticore to build an M6 around.

Nats' shortcomings were very well documented on the PTR. Why Blizzard would deliberately allow Nats to fall behind the other DH sets in 2.4 I will never know.

Why Blizzard does a lot of things I will never know. But I do believe all the imbalances in this game are by DESIGN. Blizzard isn't a bunch of idiots. They know what they are doing. We just don't know why they do what they do.
I wonder why the highest non season clear is Nats, though. Some people bring it up when talking about how viable nats is. I can think of several possibilities:

1. It is the best set but has very high stat/gear requirements
2. With enough fishing it has the most potential
2. No one plays non season
3. No one has m6 stuff lying around since Nats was the best the previous seasons and m6 the worst (so, non season is not reflective of what is actually good)

I'm thinking it's a combination of the latter two, since seasonal is filled with m6.

Philosophias says in his 2.4 nats video that it's weaker than ue/m6, but wudijo says this on reddit lol

"UE is a little weaker than all other DH sets and far behind other classes, too. I think Natalya will win the solo race at the end, r1 with S6, M6 or LoN should still be possible during the first month of the season though."
I'm building my N6 slowly - have most the pieces but still average at best.. (Missing F&R/Dawn and good rolls).

I hope the buff the Nats, I can't stand UE and tolerate M6 but not as fun as Nats. I'll just keep going, I think highest Nats I could find was like rank 600 in the charts (HC) but that was just quickly.

Anyway, see how we go :)

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