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Hey guys I just notice this when I do public rift and I'm wondering what is this and how do I obtain this xp. Thanks
They are those yellow pools that look like health pools.

They reward you with a certain amount of bonus XP (I think 25% of the total experience required to complete your current level) and you will earn that bonus over time, as when a pool is active you earn 1.25x your normal experience.

The total pool stacks up to 10x, but you never earn bonus experience faster than 1.25x. If you die, you lose the bonus experience and you return to earning XP at the normal 1.0x rate.

So for instance, if it takes you 10,000 experience to level up and you hit a pool, you will be rewarded with a possible 2,500 bonus experience to earn. So when you kill an enemy that normally grants 100 experience you will earn 125 experience (the normal 100 and 25 will be added from the bonus pool). So you have 2475 bonus experience left you could possibly earn. This continues until you have either earned all 2500 bonus experience or die and lose the rest of the bonus experience

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