Is Malthael Bugged?

Bug Report
Friend and I were just doing split t10 bounties. We have both killed Mal before at this level. We were both well geared, competent wizard players. Both running Del 6, Orb build. My friend goes in and dies on Malthael. I assumed that he just lagged or forgot to do something. No big deal, I tol him I would Plevel him when the run was over. The monk in the run clicks on Mal quest to complete. I accepted since it was last quest. I jump on Mal like I always do and he insta-procs me. Then, bam, dead. It was so fast, I literally don't know what to say about it. The monk completed it with no difficulties or abnormalities. I have to think that it is something related to the skills or gear we were using.

Anyone have any ideas? I haven't sent my wizard to the hall yet. It is Cecile in my profile.
I'm the one who died first… I've been playing wiz since the season started and doing t10 bounties quite a bit. I frequently choose to do the Malthael quest because I can quickly teleport there. When I encountered him today (Monday, February 1st) he hit me like a truck… I proc'd and died extremely fast, after using both healing wells and making sure all my skills were activated I couldn't figure out what had gone wrong, this was unlike any encounter with him I had experienced before… for Suus to die to the same boss immediately after me leads me to conclude that there must be some sort of glitch or bug at play here. I'm royally pissed off to say the least….
did you guys fired arcane orb while he had the spinning blades?

they reflect projectiles if i'm not mistaken.

also, the cloud does a lot of damage too.

i lost a barb this season (albeit crappy geared) on t10 when he got to the middle and started firing the blue things rapidly, i was standing very close and i guess they must have hit me multiple times in succesion.
This happened to my barb last season. I had no idea how I got 1 shot. Till I took a closer look ath the death ss. There was a wiz in the party using slow time. I didn't know what was going on. I entered and instantly procced.

Malthael does the blue energy ball things when there are 2 or more people in the battle with him. It acts like electrified. Slow time is barely visible for some reason as you can see in my screenshot. Think that is what got u guys.

Edit: Pasted the wrong link
Okay, I checked the screenshot. I was wrong, apparently the monk went and completed later. It was a barb that had tried to go and complete the quest after my friend left. I apparently got him killed as well. There are 2 corpses in my death shot. I will try to upload the shot.
Yeah he is ok when u solo him. But when you have more than 1 player engaging him he does the aoe attacks akin to electrified.

Think I was right on his hitbox when he used it and the wiz used slowtime at that same moment. Only way I can explain the 1 shot.
Well, the odd thing is my friend went in there solo before us. He is over 900 paragon. He said it was like Malthael was enraged. He just absolutely raped him. I don't know how to explain this any better. We have both done him many many times on this level, with these builds, with this gear. This was some sort of anomaly.
Do bosses have enrage timers?
02/01/2016 07:33 PMPosted by Cryxalis
Do bosses have enrage timers?

Kind of yes. Butcher will have his whole room on fire. Belial will do his crazy aoe a lot more. Act 3 he will have adds and the slime pools around the whole room. Diablo not really. Malthael I'm not sure.

But malt does do a lot of damage. The cloud. The 360 aoe bolts. They do a huge chunk of damage.
I lost a well geared Charge Barb to him... absolutely steamrolled TX, so I figure Maltheal would go down fast.

Nope, charge in, he does the AOE attack which fills the whole screen, I proc. Have to charge to kill him, right? So I do, and something insta kills me.

He's just that tough sometimes. Don't leave the door without talisman of aranoch cubed just to be sure.

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