Ok so fragment of shame is so fun

I know it isn't endgame or anything, but the new belt:
The Shame of Delsere
Your Signature Spells attack 50% faster and restore 9-12 Arcane Power


Fragment of Destiny
Spectral Blade attacks 50% faster and deals 150-200% increased damage

This is super super fun. I am using an IAS dagger and it is just hilariously fast. Should be firebirds compatible as well once I get past the brick wall that is "new season"

Edit: Took a quick video to show how crazy fast it is:
Yesterday I found an Ancient version of the Shame of Delsere with max 12 Arcane power HAHA....haven't tested it yet...but having max AP restore will be good.

So far I'm doing set dungeons and yeah sometimes you do need the extra Arcane power as running out of AP sucks on Wizard.
I hated the idea of Blizzard reducing APoC.
Remember legacy items in 1.# patches had like 30 AP on Crit...and now were lucky enough to get 4 AP on Crit.

Also having a high rank Simplicity strength legendary gem with the belt will be even more crazier.
I am using it with Firebird's. The problem is, I haven't found anything to spend all that AP on. Star Pact was kinda OK until I had to start using Aquila Cuirass to stay alive. :/
I'm using it as a stand in w/Tal Rasha until I get all the side pieces to complete the DMO/Orbit gear set. It's really fun. Spectral Blades does great damage when you have the wand, shame of delsere, and depth diggers. Using barrier blades rune, simplicity strength gem, and the new +shield bracers is more than enough toughness/recovery to see you through TX. I keep unity cubed in solo and swap to convention of elements in groups.
Totally agree, I got http://i.imgur.com/zSFapLN.jpg recently, so I've been rockin barrier blades and deflection since its such a GG roll. My shield bump up to 3.5 mil, pretty crazy.
I wouldn't exclude it from end-game. I did GR 77 on PTR with Fragment + Shame and that was w/o Orb of Infinite Depth use too but I think it can't fit into the build I was doing anyway..wish I would have saved it somewhere though, posted it on PTR forum and now it's gone =/
I'm doing a fragment of shame diggers build, with 5pc DMO, endless walk, a random ring, random bracer, trium, cubed unstable, aquila (I think, might be shield bracer), and rorg.

Shield blades, orbit, force armor, slow time, tp, and deflection.

Don't think it's end game but it crashes through 3p gr45 pretty hard. Feels less clunky than obliteration, and has better shield and bubble up-time. I was trying to do a build kinda like Malakai's Orakio, with obliteration and twister instead of deflection, but it just felt so clunky, and squishy. :/

If I had a halo, I'd use that. And if I had CoE, too, I'd probably drop the depth diggers and rorg. I should probably roll arcane on my ashnagar's and use those, too.
Oh, and orbit + blades synergizes pretty well with audacity, too, which is a plus.
Check BDF fun video with legacy items:



IT is addictive. Have seen the video for more than 10 times since release :D
for me it would be a main skill, might throw in archon there to change it up a little or something.
I had a try with Lightning Blades, Fulminator and the Teardrop gem. Me thinks this classifies as a holy build. Mistral Breeze + Ice Blink to pin down monsters, the extra range on Lightning Blades keeps my Wizard safe. It cuts up GR50 like a cookie.

It's a bit of a problem on trash because Teardrop and Fulminator kill so fast it's hard to build up shields.

You don't really need Simplicity's Strength. Depth Diggers adds 100% on its own. Simplicity's Strength "only" brings it from +100% to +150%. Most gems can do a 20% boost.

What source are you guys running with this build? Triumvirate for orbit, or Orb of Infinite Depth / chain reaction for tankiness?

What about gems? Simplicity's Strength and BotT I guess, but what else? Gizzard for the shield synergy?
Got to GR 62 so far with LoN Blades build.
This is with rubbish ancient LoN rings (AS as only offensive stat).

Got to 2.17 Sheet attack speed (5 APS on blades). Procs Teardrop gem like crazy, and other procs (Visage and Shocking Aspect)

With Better Gloves, rings, and a shard of hate I think it could do GR 70. Its supper fun


Going to convert this to a DMO build eventually
The Fragment + Shame setup works well with EB + Woh too.

DMO does not enhance damage procs, where Tal Rasha does. I see how the bubble adds survivability, just losing the x20 multiplier on procs is not going to work DPS-wise.

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