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This is a re-post of my existing Diablo Fans Set Dungeon thread available here:

This thread has some general tips and tricks to completing all the Set Dungeons, as well as individual builds and example videos of how to complete each Set Dungeon SOLO!. The videos and guides are based on the current live Patch 2.4, rather than the various PTR (Public Test Realm) versions where Blizzard were balancing the Set Dungeons. If you get assistance with the Set Dungeons, the majority of these are much easier to complete, but I can't really give you many tips there as I've done all of these solo.

Barbarian Build Guide Thread:

Crusader Build Guide Thread:

Demon Hunter Build Guide Thread:

Monk Build Guide Thread:

Witch Doctor Build Guide Thread:

Wizard Build Guide Thread:

Some general comments and tips:

  • If you're attempting the Season 5 Conquest for Mastering 8 Set Dungeons and are only plan on playing two classes, by far the two best class choices are Demon Hunter and Crusader. Most of their sets don't require much additional gear so farming up the Sets shouldn't take TOO long and their Set Dungeon difficulty isn't too high. If you have party members to help drop you the various required items, it will speed up the gearing process tremendously. If you play more than two classes, you can pick and choose Set Dungeons from the ranking list at the Diablo Fans thread.
  • The majority of monsters in Set Dungeons spawn in completely random locations throughout the dungeon! In Set Dungeons where you have to hit a certain amount of monsters with a particular skill, you can constantly restart the Set Dungeon by leaving through the Green Portal that you entered without having to use Town Portal (which takes a long time). This tip will allow you to get the majority of your objectives completed at the start of the dungeon, rather than worrying about it towards the end.
  • For players who are unable to select certain skills for their slots, you will need to enable 'Elective Mode' by going to the Game Menu (pressing Escape), clicking the Options tab, clicking the Gameplay tab, then under 'Interface' you need to tick the 'Elective Mode' option. This allows you to pick any and all skills (with some special exceptions) for your Left Click, Right Click, and Slots 1-4.
  • The Kanai's Cube recipe (Skill of Nilfur) which converts Set Items into a random item of the same Set will be your best friend, so DON'T scrap any spare duplicate pieces of the Set until you have at least 5 or 6 total items of the Set!
  • As mentioned above, it's possible to get party members to assist you in Set Dungeons, which will make the majority of these Set Dungeons easier.
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