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Conquests suck this season. Think the are trying to imitate Guild Wars 2. This is supposed to be a hack-and-slash game isn't it?? Half are hard core and if you don't like that then you really don't have much to choose from. For the average player they are just to complicated and time consuming. For those that play every waking hour on this game and have all the cheats and bots then you will probably not agree with me. I ask Blizzard this-- who is the game supposed to be for?? The 90% majority or the 10% who live their life on this game and have every cheat so their characters have the best of everything?? And we wonder why every new season the participation goes up and then when the majority sees that they can not do much everyone leaves.
Half are supposed to be hardcore, because they give the exact same conquest for both under different titles.
Conquests are supposed to be the a very hard part of the game, definitely not to all be achieved by the majority of the population. They have much easier season journey goals at different levels to achieve that purpose.
The season is 3 months long. If you look at the conquest leaderboard you can see how early 1000 people did each conquest. If they did it the first day or week of the season then even if they were botting, you can put in that much time over 3 months to eventually get it.
02/02/2016 08:13 AMPosted by charliedog
For the average player they are just to complicated and time consuming.

Completing grift 45 no set is not really complicated, not really time consuming either if you saved some legendarys while playing.

50 mil goldstreak, same deal, if you have a goldskin you're pretty much set, just equip it once you run across a gold goblin.

That's it for the average player, you have your stash and can forget the rest.
While I agree with the fact that the conquests aren't that hard I will say that the game defo is more and more aimed at nolifers (no offence intended, just lacking another term) as everything there is in the game requires a good ammount of time to get anywhere. Doing T6 and being stuck at Grift just isn't fun for most people. The game direly needs something else besides grift but blizz !@#$ed up with the insane power creep so it's gonna be hard to balance something like that.
The 2 that are BS to me are do 8 set dungeons & completing 1-5 acts on T10 in an hour!

The rest of them are that bad!

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