Longest lasting hardcore character of yours?

673hrs and counting, 107k elite kills.

Nub.. get on my lv.
I had a monk for 11months before it died (died right b4 release of ros)
I have 2 guys from early 2013 still.
I think my 6 mains for each class were started prior to 2.1, but after ROS launch. (Most of my pre-ROS monks had brief lives.) My WD has 311 hours, and 23K elite kills. My DH has 287 hours, with 26K elite kills.
Accidentally deleted mine while cleaning up for Season 5 :(
01/07/2016 11:52 PMPosted by Jumbasa
673hrs and counting, 107k elite kills.

Nub.. get on my lv.

Level 70 and Paragon 3. I dragged my carebear butt over to the HC side just long enough to complete a season objective, then abandoned the character. Still, it was actually a lot more fun than I expected. And since it was just leveling to 70, I wasn't quite as worried about lag or my movement disorder screwing me - at least once I completed Story Mode. Turns out that never having completed it on HC before meant Adventure Mode wasn't unlocked, at least last season. Think it unlocks automatically this season, though. And now that I've done it, it'd be unlocked for me anyway.

But yeah, even though I've really only dipped my toe in, and don't intend to switch, I don't regret it. Felt good to ding 70 for the first time on an HC character. :)

Will be rebirthing her for the S5 journey. Will probably also abandon her not long after 70, but it'll be a fun little sidetrip for the season again, I'm kind of looking forward to it.
Tinne needs to get good.. lol apparently top 5 wiz doesnt count as good anymore #2 overall achieve or was it 3?

I've been able to do a certain level clear on each of the last two seasons before loosing any characters and then 10 levels higher with monk .. Ex.. season 3 did level 40 on all char types monk 50+ before I riped monk in trials lol.
S4 did 50 on all char types 60+ on monk prior to any death.. was last one I think to die in my clan had over 230 hours IIRC ended up loosing about 4-5 monks tho .. SC was not great for HC in the sense that uliannas was..

I plan on s5 doing 60 with all characters 70 on monk before I die but this time I'd like to loose maybe 1 max.

Lol....what a SkeeeeeRub. Nobody cares about your PoS DH. GR 52???? Wow man.... If you are going to blast TinnOnnMuin at least come to the table with some firepower....

Turbo Virgins indeed Identity :)

soory scrub its 55 this season....when patch rolls out ill get 65 easy..... just sayin pleb

Lol....ooooo 55......wow...not impressed.

Time to move on scrubcake....

I think mine was a DH somewhere around 400-500 hours (pre-seasons). Died to a d/c of course. I made the mistake of hunting alone right after new patch.
01/09/2016 06:49 AMPosted by Speranza
I made the mistake of hunting alone

Hunting is like swimming...it's way better with friends, preferably hot/female...
01/09/2016 09:05 AMPosted by Daggerbarb
swimming...it's way better with friends, preferably hot/female...

You should probably leave your daggers on the shore. Unless she's in to that kind of thing, I guess...

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