Firebirds Set Dungeon not working properly

The counter that appears is for GROUPS of enemies, not single enemies. Each time you set a group of the required size on fire, the counter goes up by one; until you have enough groups to finish the objective.

It's NOT displaying the number of INDIVIDUAL enemies.
I've Mastered the Firebirds set dungeon and I can give you tips:

First you DPS must be around 800K-900K otherwise if your DPS is high above this your killing too quickly and not getting the Burn for 3 seconds.

Don't use focus and restraint rings and don't use legendary gems except bane of the trapped (for slowing).

Use Slorak's madness wand for increased damage to disintegrate as you want to use disintegrate convergence rune to channel burn them for 3 seconds.

When you set you enemies on fire you should see a counter on your status bar of how many are burning.
If you gather enough enemies and blast away with disintegrate on you should set them all on fire and should get the number for the objective.
If you gather more than enough you can knock of 40 enemies in one go which is 2 times the objective.
If they die just on or after 3 seconds then you have a good balance of DPS.

Admit I was too strong when I first tried it as I got like 1 or 2 enemies are on fire and as wondering why I wasn't getting groups on fire.
Once I ditched a whole lot of gear and gems and kept my damage down I could easily get the burn for 3 seconds.
It was just a matter of gathering a whole bunch and then blasting away with disintegrate and using Black hole Blazar to gather them to a tight space.

Gathering is the key as the more you gather the more likely you kill more mobs in the dungeon faster.
I took me like 100 tries to get all kills but every time I did the dungeon I was knocking off mobs far quicker and more efficient.

But I can say Firebirds set dungeon is a bit easier than Delsere as its just a matter of DPS balance and getting the most gathering kills.
01/28/2016 01:39 AMPosted by MaskedReaper
I took me like 100 tries
Oh god.. I mastered wizard dungeons in 2 tries (DMO is a special snowflake, left that for later after 2 fails :/). Watched dungeon tutorials first thou..

You might want to swap rings for crappy ones, equip a non-ancient weapon, no gems in armor, hell, even un-equip a couple armor pieces. Also roll off life per second from gear. Above 10k will make it hard for the elites to kill you.. Cold immunity amulet+ meteor boots for the revive meteor to kill stuff
Use Blackhole.
01/28/2016 04:25 AMPosted by darthblade
01/28/2016 01:39 AMPosted by MaskedReaper
I took me like 100 tries
Oh god.. I mastered wizard dungeons in 2 tries

I call you a massive BS artist on that...No one can "Master" in 2 tries.

You need 1 try just the get the gist of the dungeon first.
2 or 3 tries is getting the right skills first.
Then its next 10 tries is getting you DPS balanced enough as your either too strong or too weak.
For me I was too strong as kept killing too quickly and so I think I've wasted enough tries just getting my DPS balanced right.

Next 10 tries after that I was Mastering the primary objectives but not mastering the time limit.
So then again I keep trying until I've got down to around 10 monsters left and start to memories where monsters will appear.

So stubbornly the time limit is the hardest part as you tend to have a few mobs left.
Once you learn to gather and blast away most mobs in one or two blast your starting to get the hang of it clearing rooms so that no monsters get away.

So roughly total you getting up to around 50 tries or more just to Master it.
01/29/2016 04:50 PMPosted by MaskedReaper
So roughly total you getting up to around 50 tries or more just to Master it.

That really isn't needed. 2 or 3 goes is probably doable for a good player who watches a good guide before first try. When I mastered TR dungeon for my stash I didn't watch a guide. It took me maybe 10 tries. I devised a rough start after 2 or 3 goes, took another few goes to revise it a bit. Got bitten by rockworms a couple of times. Then I worked out exactly what I needed to do, and did it. Trick was mostly to avoid standing still for any length of time unless you just killed a rockworm or 100% know there isn't one near by.

To my mind, that was an interesting challenge, not too hard, but did take some thought. It felt about right for being the easiest Wiz dungeon. The Firebird dungeon is about getting the right balance of sheet and non-sheet DPS buffs. You need to know what will stack the dot faster and what will make the dot bigger.
Funny watching a guide before hand is sort of like learning how to cheat by watching some one who cheats.

I mean come on I've watched a guy on youtube of mastering all the set dungeons and yet he makes it look super easy and even brags how easier it is and he even has the perfect gear.
But when you try and don't have the perfect gear your struggling to do it within 50 tries.

I mean I don't have the same skills as other people...We ARE all different in terms of skills.
Hey I might be better at other games than you again we are all different in skills.

Some people can do GR70-80 while others can barely do GR40's solo.
So where is the balance of difficultly in set dungeons...there is NONE.

I tried Vyr's set dungeon and got down to 1 MONSTER LEFT before timing out and even after a few dozen to maybe 50 tries I still couldn't get it...but at least I could get down to around 5 or so monsters left.
If I had at least 1 minute more on the clock then yes I would of Mastered Vyr's as well...also RNG is the biggest problem and also the fallen which run away from you in Vyr's set dungeon.

So I say FAIR GO to the players.
I hate it when people say they can do it in 2 or 3 goes when it takes you like 30 to maybe 50 tries.
So if you say you can do it in 2 or 3 goes then I find that unrealistic and just bragging.
Like how can you do it yet I can't.
But funny enough we are all wearing the same set gear but our stats and non-set gear can be different.
Getting the right gear is crucial but still the time limit of 4:30 minutes is far too short.
Keep in mind I watched the tutorials, knew the objectives, map layout and used similar specs (flash fire t10 speed farming build for tal rasha mastery, stumbled upon portal by accident and just yolo it).
DMO mastery is at 3 fails thou so yy... i suck.
First thing you do kite a bunch of mobs together right in the beginning, die get the fb revive. The meteor should hit 32-44 mobs. Then us back hole blazar on large groups of mobs and you'll get like 3 groups on first try then 3 more on another pack after black hole is of cooldown. Your revive should be off cooldown by then die one more time on one group of enemies and youll get that objective. Then you'll have about 1:30-2 mins to clear the map out.

Honestly I did it while playing seasons so non of my gear was ancient so I felt my damage was perfect. Also no follower was used for w/e reason I think I just forgot to hire one of em. I only used two skills; black hole and disintegrate that's it. I thought it was fairly easy, I had about ten fails and that's cuz I received fatal damage like 3 times which was instant fail.
I had to take off my weapon to do this dungeon : /
The Immune amy is a must you cannot do it without.
I've been working on this set dungeon today. I haven't been able to get the amulet on my seasonal yet, but I've been trying the set dungeon anyways. I've been having trouble getting the groups to stay alive long enough at 700-800k sheet dps. If I drop down to 550-650k I can get them burning right before they die, but the timer becomes a concern.

I haven't managed to get mastery yet, but I know I can do it with some more practice. I got lucky and pulled an Aether Walker with crap stats, but since I needed to adjust my dps anyways its been great for the task. My last couple of tries this morning have shown me the added mobility from the Aether Walker gets me through much more quickly. I can get each objective done individually, I just need to put it all together and tighten it up a bit.

I focused my build on passive and on hit resource regeneration to support frequent teleports. I have fairly low health so the elites could kill me in about 2 hits, so teleporting around to stay out of the big snowballs the elites throw is a must for this method. For damage I used Blackhole and Disentegrate. My best attempt so far completed all objectives except the 6 groups of 20 burning. I fell one group short.

The cold immunity amulet would make this a cake walk though.
so, if you use a talisman, then how do you get the meteor objective? I literally cannot take damage in that dungeon with the cold immunity amulet on.
I Finally mastered this dungeon, you really don't need to swap out all kinds of gear. The only real thing you need to change is your weapon. This dungeon is terribly designed that you need to play the Goldilocks game of weapon damage (this one is too strong, this one isn't strong enough...).

As far as damage, I had 800k+ (1mil + fire) and felt it was too strong. I kept my normal gear on, but ended up swapping with a weapon ~1800 damage that put me in the ~400k damage (~600k fire) on the sheet (no socket). I had used a lvl 50 item that was like 400 damage, and had me in the ~250k range and managed to get to 1 creature left with 1/4 his health before time ran out. It was taking too long to kill stuff so I kept swapping around weapons to find one that worked and landed on the above mention one. Damage Mileage may vary, so the "easiest" way is to just keep using a weaker weapon until you find one that burns and can kill the bigger guys quick enough. Used Blazar (black hole) and Convergence (disintegrate) is probably the easiest way to group them up and damage/burn them. These seems the most consistently supported skills to use.

For the normal dungeon (for the achievement) you just put on your sundays best and mow through it, you just need to kill the guys in the timer and don't really need the other goals. (or if you do need 1 goal, the death fireball is easy enough).
01/30/2016 06:47 AMPosted by Shaggy
so, if you use a talisman, then how do you get the meteor objective? I literally cannot take damage in that dungeon with the cold immunity amulet on.

The purple-named mobs (champions?) melee quite hard as physical damage.
Just wanted to show that you can push weapon damage higher than people seem to think is possible.

Mastery with 1.18M weapon damage and 1 minute to spare. Focus+Restraint, Cubed Mantle of Channeling to add to the equipped Deathwish, 80 something area damage and Audacity as one of the passives.

Damage with the standard Black Hole+Disintegrate and the rest was basically just defense and AP regen for the cubed Aether Walker. Highly reliable at completing the burning objective, making the whole dungeon a breeze.

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