Jade Harvester is 6pc broken

Bug Report
I have every piece for jade set.

Ring of Emptiness
Ancient Vile hive
full jades
Ancient Sacred harvester
782 Paragon

All gear is really good, I have played Jades pre-nerf and had a lot of fun with it. What I can say is something is wrong with the 6pc. It does so little damage the 2pc seems to be stronger and yet worlds behind other classes and specs. I am seeing maybe 10 billion with a 12 second cool down, that is very low dps in a GR60+. I Completed a GR68 on my helltooth pet doc, I think I can do a G50 on the Jade WD.

Conclusion, it is either broken or needs a major buff.
Its "doing so little damage" because it does 0 damage.

Apply a single haunt to something and use soul harvest. You will see it does exactly nothing.

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