Inna's Mantra set dungeon

Is it me or didn't they do anything to Inna's Mantra since PTR?
On PTR my Mystic Allies were slaughtering everything before I could unleash them on 10 enemies within 10 yards...
I made a feedback post about it (hell, a blue even responded asking questions that I answered) and now on live it's exactly the same. Monsters drop like flies before I can even unleash them at 10 monsters within 10 yard range because monsters only got like 50 million hp while my MA are slaughtering them for 100-500+ million each per hit.

@Blizzard: Feedback threads too difficult to read durrrrr?
You expect me to run in there with nothing but Inna's 6 piece?
Hell.. How about I just run in there butt naked, try to survive so I can get the damn objective done?
Blues responded to your feedback by mentioning that Set Dungeons offer a variety of challenges, including figuring out how to lower your damage.
Agreed. I have removed all of my legendary gems, unequipped my crudest boot skill, quit using an amulet at all, and my mystic allies are still walking through and killing everything. My only next option is to start unequipping paragon points to lower damage. This is not fun at all. Increase the density, how hard is that?
I thought inna's was one of the easier ones once I lowered my dmg below 400k. I basically ran with my old healer monk gear who had no dmg anyway and finished it.

Now the U6 dungeon can DIAF for all I care. I mastered all the monk dungeons but that one and I am <---> this close to quitting and saying F it.
Remove your paragon points and put them into vitality, run CDR gear over crit gear, use diamonds in weapons, use tanky gems, etc. It's the easiest dungeon out of all the monk dungeons. Don't use Inna's Daibo either, the % Damage increase to Mystic Allies is too big.
Just equip yellow weapons and you should be alright.
Thank you - for your post, it has helped--- still cherry picking

Just curious - how many tries did it take you?
Finding that perfect range in damage and cooldown is key. Took me a few attempts. Too little damage and you can't clear it fast enough, too much and your Cylcone Strike and Ally's will kill them too fast. Don't try to CS the mobs on the narrow areas, the map is not random so aim for the larger areas to CS at, but only do so if you think there's enough enemies. The other big difference maker was not to cast the MA active skill too soon after CS's, sometimes the enemies haven't gotten within the 10 yard range to count.

Let me also add, if you can arrange it so your Ally's are crowded up on a narrow walkway due to a large enemy blocking them, this is GOOD! Don't kill the enemy, you'll have a much easier time getting a group together, move forward a little a see if there's some mobs for you to group up.
I did it fully geared after 6th or so try. Dash - cyclone - MA ability and tier are 8 or so locations with more than enough mobs jyst dont be slow activating MA once you dash and cyclone. Allys lag behind so if you port and cuclone they won't be close enough to kill before you activate the ability. Also equip a zodiac to reduce cooldown it helps tremendously so you don't waste time waiting on cd and lose mastery requirement
These dungeons, Inna's in particular, have ruined the game for me entirely. I've spent hours and hours grinding paragon and farming up perfect gear for my pretty little monk and the past few days have been me frustratingly banging my head against a wall as I run out of time with 1 or 2 missed monsters left after painstakingly gathering up 10 enemies in a 10 yard radius 5 times. I have no desire to even log in anymore because 1) the thought of failing the dungeon again is infuriating and 2) not being able to finish the season quest makes me feel like what's even the point of continuing with it constantly looming over my head?

So many right things have been implemented to make this game fun. This was absolutely not one of them.
Agreed Mr. NeatHuman.
I only ran the SWK dungeon for a single update to get the pet from Season5 and I was just about to throw my keyboard out the window and my mouse actually didn't survive.. Had to buy a new one...
So now I use a Logitech G602 which is actually a good mouse.
Sidenote apart.. Setdungeons = crap. Agreed.
For me the sweet spot was 500k with as much elite damage as i could muster (diamonds in weapons bane of the striken). Learning the map was key so i didnt have to backtrack.

Initially i focussed on grouping up mobs for the first objective but found that to be the wrong approach. Just go all out killing and along the way you hit areas that are dense where you can group up in 1 cyclone strike and pop mystic ally. Also took IS forbidden palace for the boss mobs.
Having Ingeoms helps a lot as well.
I've completed the mastery achievement of set dungeon for wizard, witch doctor and monk.

Let it be known (imho) that the monk tests were the toughest, so far.

[Edited with more info]
The Shenlong's Spirit fist weapon was put to effective use with 700k raw dps in the pursuit of Inna's Mantra set dungeon mastery achievement at 2nd attempt, just 1 second before the expiry time.
This so called "set dungeon" really ruined all the fun....

And if my build based on inna's doesn't include using active part of mystic ally?...
Was having a lot of fun until the set dungeon achievement stopped me cold. Now I'm frustrated and not having fun. I actually stopped playing today out of frustration with these set dungeons. I like the concept, but the ones I've tried thus far suck the fun out of the game for me.
What do you get for the trouble of completing it?
In the seasons, it allows you to finish the season objectives. So, you have to do it. No choice. *sigh*.
i completed this dungeon, but did not master it. just go like zdps innas and let your pets kill it all. For solo Master I used Sunwuko's.

Just used the fire rune on Cyclone, because I had a fire% bracer already.

Cyclone stuff and group up, then WOL them and you will get the bonus for your clones hitting 20 mobs. It's so easy. got it on my third try.
05/03/2016 09:23 PMPosted by Judgmnt
i completed this dungeon, but did not master it. just go like zdps innas and let your pets kill it all. For solo Master I used Sunwuko's.

As above - I gave up on Inna's did master Sunwuko's took me a while since I always seemed to leave one of two monsters behind. When I did do it I had 3 seconds left!

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