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I have been DC'd several times today all at the end of the F@($ing dungeons or rifts or whatever.... seriously..... what the F@CK?!
Reset your modem/router.
+1 im bored
well ive been getting this since seasons went live.

the game falls on its face, and the area i was in will be all i get to move around in..
like actual lag, huge lag.
if the other players where near when it happens theyll be standing there locked in a
small animation loop, along with any given mob that happened to be there.
even tho in reality the other players have finished the rift and are sitting in town.

but lately when it happens my MS goes up to 2700, but i can send tells to the group
without any lag delay (instant) and im pretty sure its not my isp because they will ]
respond just as quick.
i can also update my paragon save and close, then reopen it and see that it took while
all this is happening.

when i try to exit i have to hard close. going into task manager ...
Im having this exact issue also. Never have lagged in Diablo before Season release. was fine.
same for me too... massive DC from blizz since 2.4
I've been having the same issues...code 3005, 3007 and 365000?

It appears to only happen when I play solo or I'm hosting the game with Clan Mates. This morning I did play for 3 hours solo with no disconnect but I have to enter something (used .) into clan chat ever few minutes. I read somewhere that the disconnects were from blizzards servers not seeing any activity.

Who knows maybe entering the . Had no impact and I just got lucky for 3 hours...
So this started happening to me today... I am unable to stay connected to (error 3005) and sometimes I can get on, log in and immediately get D/C'd again.

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