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Now before I start, I understand that the journey is something entirely optional and the stash tab comes prior to the last level but honestly two seasons in a row attaching the level 70 hardcore to the journey is a bit much. It just forces players into playing a mode that they didn't really wish to play and encourages players to simply find others to power level a toon that they intend to delete after. It seems a bit wasteful. I know from a creative stand point there has to be something better that could go there that would be of more interest to both hardcore and softcore players.
From a creative standpoint, this game has little going for it, so I wouldn't expect much. "Creativity" seems to be slapping on a 40,000% damage multiplier to a skill that's been there all along and calling it a day.

Every season is a near carbon copy of the last, just with slightly higher numbers and an expedited gearing and leveling process.
I'm confused as to what exactly you're complaining about.

If you're complaining about having to roll a hardcore seasonal character for your stash space, good news. The Hardcore character requirement is part of the last step of your seasonal journey and in no way will prevent you from your getting your stash tab.

If you're complaining about the hardcore characer thing in general, then yea, I fully agree, utterly pointless to be a part of the seasonal journey. Getting to 70 in hardcore is not impressive nor a sign of any skill. All it means is players practically can't die in normal/hard difficulty short of a disconnect.

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