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Okay, I have been seeing alot of threads on how trading would fix alot of things and botting...I don't know if these are people that used to just dump USD to have gear or members of Inc. Pissed bc their cash cow has died off, but I can assure you this would only make things worse.
Every now and again you see a www.we steal askin for USD for leveling services, but have you forgotten the massive advertising bot problems we had in d2?!? They were like hydra, ban one, three emerge!

Imagine how active if you give them the ability to do more than collect paragons?! If botters could sell all the !@#$ they accommodate in one night @ .50 a pop they could still make thousands. I know because I have seen the bot houses when I was stationed in Korea. It was actually in the back of a pc parts/repair shop. I asked if I could take a look see and there it was, 6 pc running wow, and 4 or more running d2!
If you are still in disbelief look how almost every single major game title just about has adopted "freemium" style sales. Mobage or Moba, The Call of Duty Franchise, and yes, even blizz games.....
Trading always just encourages botters to work double time, and they laugh as you purchase their items in attempts to close the gap!
agreed +1
Cutting features to limit bots is not a solution. Improving game security, banning bots and preventing them to work with d3 is.
We need to be able to trade.
Game is broke.
Game is lonely.
Trading will never work in Diablo III because the clueless developers made decisions BEFORE THE GAME WAS RELEASED that makes trading not work.

Think about it. What did these designers create when they made Diablo III?

They made a game where leveling up is 100% useless and static. They made a game where ALL YOUR POWER COMES FROM GEAR.

Then they later realized that having a useless and static leveling system was a mistake and tried to fix it by slapping in the Paragon system. (Which is why botting is so popular since it's the only way for people to gain power without needing to beat the RNG.)

However, gear still dictates 99.9% of your power and it always will. In a game where all your power is derived from gear, trading introduces shortcuts to becoming the most powerful player even if you have no time invested in the game at all.

This is why trade doesn't work in Diablo III. Trade works perfectly fine in real ARPG's because in a real ARPG there are usually various requirements for whether a person can or can not equip something. Also, the player receives a large portion of their power through the leveling system and stat system inherent to the game. Generally, there isn't a focus on account-wide leveling to outgear an infinitely scaling system, as that would just make it completely impossible to balance the game.

Simply put, Diablo III isn't really an ARPG anymore, its just an Arcade Adventure game. And because it lacks the basic features of classic ARPG's it simply can't support trading because that's how Blizzard designed the game.
I think trading will be a great idea tbh, I'm pretty new to d3 so my voice might not matter that much but I been playing in the last 2-3 weeks and its kinda boring. It's not because I'm new to arpg, it's the grift/rift grinding imo. If trading enabled, we can trade with our friends who didn't play with us that time but have extra gears available, ie: I had like 4 different soj for my friend that i couldn't give. It would have similar impact if your friend "helped" you on those gears, made the grinding less. It wouldn't matter much if the set wasn't so op to begin with.

In any rate, I'm aware the buying and selling items/level effect to the "competitive" nature on d3, however, players have to believe that there are more legitimate players than cheater out there to compete. This is what i experienced in current season btw, I'm not sure in the next season, it might be better!
01/01/2016 11:41 AMPosted by Reni
Cutting features to limit bots is not a solution. Improving game security, banning bots and preventing them to work with d3 is.

I never said, or insinuated any of that. I simply was replying to those who truly believe that with trade bot activities would lessen.....
Also, it isn't the reason for trading being gone. 3rd party sales are though, as it simply becomes pay to play. And with those dollar signs will come more issues..... I miss trading too but with no Endgame pvp and only grifts, and seeing how Lewt Inc. Ran d2 ......I really don't want to see the effects of their return either.
What would be nice is more than four people a game and then you would have a larger loot table and more items to pass amongst friends who were participating.
Blizzard paid a heavy price to change trade and insert BoA into the game. I can't see them undoing that and letting the pox of third party sites back into the game.
Oh there is no debate. trading is not coming back as we once knew it. Blizzard has affirmed this several times.
Trading is pointless now. You can get ancient gear very easily by cube recipe. Godly ancient gear is not so easy to obtain but this is something what you can look forward when you are fully ancient...

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