Recommended follower ?

Which one is best for Monk solo in your opinion ?
I am using Templar...not sure if it is the best ?
Thoughts ?
For Inna/shenlongs build I'm running with enchantress for the extra attack speed. For U6 I'm running with Templar for the extra recovery and spirit regen :3
Played a lot of I6 solos, using istvans blades. I always go with the bower, +1,8% CC is a big overall boost.
As far as followers go they are generally not exactly awesome, so there really isn't a right or wrong answer to this. Templar is pretty good, I used him a lot in Vanilla and early RoS. He can ball up enemies for you and has some healing abilities so if you like him, go with it.

I use the Enchantress now for the attack speed buff plus the fact that she is much more attractive than the Templar. And honestly, most of us primarily-solo players tend to use followers for the purpose of having them wear one Unity while we wear or cube the other.

Unless Blizz buffs followers (and I'd say the chances of that are slim to none), they are basically interchangeable IMO.

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