Akkhan set dungeon too hard

Any opinions or tips?, i watched quins video before people spam quin quin quin :P.
I just find this dungeon terrible... not even fun at all :/.

Completed barb, DH, most other classes and every other crusader dungeon appart from this... the thing that rly fux me is those corners where 1 or 2 mobs spawn, any suggestions on rekking them fast?. THe thing is if i do what quin does and do 2 circles, i wont have enough damage to not waste time on lost 2 mobs in the corner... -__-.
I tried it the way quin did. Still took me about 3 hours of trying. Had like 14 "1 monster left" tries, with the time running out looking for the last monster. Used the instant condemn shield nothing special for teh rest of the gear, just some cd-reduction and the minus cd on horese passive. You can not do it exactly like quin showed it depends on the amount of monsters and you have to get a feeling for it. The try i finished the dungeon I did only 1 and a half rounds with killing nearly everything in the first round. Just keep trying.
i just used blessed schild weapon + shild (6 jumps no costs for the skill) for killing things (fast and on range)
And codemn only for the quest, used the pull everything together rune.
this way i just walked one round and looked in every corner (killing the little ones when they were alone dont try to pull them every time with you when there is nothing else they often stop following.

Still one mob was missing at the end but with 1:10 left i found it after nearly a complete circle with 10 secs left :)
Had to reduce my damage by dumping paragon, gems, and using a poop weapon. Then I had to ride around counterclockwise in circles numerous times, purposefully not killing groups to be able to condemn them again on the second pass.

All they need to do is add twice the monsters to this dungeon and its appropriately gauged, but instead lazy programming prevailed, barely putting any density in a place that necessitates density.
Someone needs to try Roland one...

Condemn phase don't use AC. After you condemn 10 dudes at least 9 times, start using AC and clear the dungeon. Kill everything.

Took me 1h to master this, condemn shield helps a lot. CDR too. I used Blessed Shield to kill things.
The first moronic part is putting cooldown on the mobs, when crusader is all about CDR, not to mention the skills and items that let you chain Condemn much faster.

The other really stupid part is forcing players to hunt singular trash mobs in every bloody corner. Every time, it's 1 or 2 mobs left when time runs out.

How is this fun, devs?

How is this enjoyable gameplay, having to nerf your character, play it in a silly way, and hunting every single mob hiding anywhere?
The easiest way is to use Blessed Shield with Gryfalcon and Jekangbord, seriously. You can use Vacuum on Condemn -preferably with Flash on Iron Skin, or cubed Illusory Boots-, it is only required for the objective, not for the kills themselves.

Yeah it takes some tries to find enough groups, but gimping your damage and failing a hundred times because you cannot kill fast enough is worse.

With the videos, remember that many of those were recorded on the PTR, and they may differ substantially from live.

About set dungeons not being fun, try the Wastes one. Akkhan is child's play in comparison.
just completed akkhan set dungeon, at first i was like WTF, then watched quinn, that didnt help either, cannot make his double loop method work.

too hard, well nearly true but it is doable after awhile (and gnashing of teeth)

not fun, also nearly true but wow the rush you get when you complete it, omg

however i did find a combination of, zero down gearing (dmg around 1.1mil, tough 26mil), being around paragon 250ish (i was paragon 300 by the time after so many attempts at the dungeon so great way to get 50paragon levels)

strategy that finally worked, use condem to kill any stragglers and the gold guardians ultra fast, run or horse straight forward all the way to the right side of the map and then back to the middle, then do the bottom D section.

Do not miss out any (i had 1 monster left 4 times grrr), and do not let any large group go without a 10+ condem and then wipe out the group.

the following items also helped:

- frydehr's wrath shield which removes the condem cool down, also use the unleashed rune
- blade of prophesy (triggers extra condems)
- i would of killed for a swiftmount but didnt have
- bane of the stricken for the elite dmg
- ring of the zodiac if your short on the 55% CDR needed for permanent akkhran
- string of ears
- hellskull for extra dmg
- endless walk set
- aquila cuirass
- convection of elements
- reapers wraps

good luck and try not 2 hate
My problem is I keep getting fatal damage even when I use Frydehr's Wrath along with Akkahn's Addendum flail. Most I ever got was 3 Codemns before I failed it, tried Quin's way a few times but failed on many occasion. Wanted to try a different class this season as I have never done one for Crusader. In the end I might just pass up on this.
Guys check this guys youtube channel out. I found it more helpful than Quin69s.


But seriously the state of set dungeons now are 10x easier than what they use to be.
invoker set dungeon is the easiest one...

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