Ps4 serious lag issue after today's patch.

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As soon as I downloaded the patch I went into a t10 rift and my goodness it's lagging so bad. When there's density it's terrible it's even creating button lag.

I only play single player because of all the paragon 10,000 randoms.

Is anyone else experiencing extreme issues with lag and frame rate since patch ?
I'm on the Xb1 and I'm having some serious framerate issue too. Pretty annoying tbh.
Yep, it's pretty bad. On ps4 here. Random freezes, button lag, menu lag, frame rate drops. All started as of 2.4.
yea, same here. At first I thought someone had entered my game, for it does that too sometimes. Nope, still playing solo. Wonder what happened.
I'm on XBO and haven't noticed a thing....
No problems for my ps4, even tho I heard from others in group that they have some lag issues
I might try to delete everything and redownload patch cause it's not enjoyable right now
01/12/2016 04:55 PMPosted by Tovahcupcake
I might try to delete everything and redownload patch cause it's not enjoyable right now

Maybe try the "rebuild database" thing in the safe mode menu (power off the ps4 and then power on with pressing the power button for 7+ seconds (you'll here a second beep). LOOK OUT because the "Initialise PS4" option is RIGHT BELOW! (iirc)
I'm having micro stuttering for the first time since playing this on ps4
Yeah, stutter, rubberbanding, screen tearing, freezes, framerate drop you name it... its worse than before for sure.
Is this co-op or solo? I've seen no issues XBO solo as yet.
Solo for me
Ive tried a fresh install, redownloading patch, but no different. It seems to differ depending on map - small indoor maps seem ok, but large outdoor maps with a lot of monsters are borderline unplayable at the moment - playing demon hunter and vaulting seems to cause stutter, slowdown and button lag pretty consistently. Also noticed the screen tearing.

Hopefully a hotfix will sort this out - I'd rather go back to 2.3 for now until this is resolved.

Also playing solo btw
I haven't noticed lag, but I'm getting choppy sound through my headset regularly in Tristram of all places - no problems in rifts or anywhere else.
I've had some framerate issues in two of the new areas (Woods & Island) while playing solo on T8.

PS4 here.
Not sure i wanna play hc right away.
Yea i actually noticed it lagged a couple times as well.
I have been experiencing similar problems since the patch, huge frame drops, freezing and sometimes close to a second of input lag.

After first noticing it I decided to do a little testing, for me the performance issues are limited to Nephalem Rifts.

I completed 4 full sets of bounties - No issues
8 Cow levels - No issues
15 (approx) Vault runs - No issues
11 GR 65's - No issues
20 (approx) Nephalem rifts - numerous performance issues but with no clear discernible pattern to identify a source.

I was experience frame drops, freezing and input lag on both large open maps ( Cemetery, Blood Marsh etc) and smaller contained maps (Keep Depths, Act 2 Sewers). In both high and low density and against a variety of mobs.

I will run some more rifts later / tomorrow to see if I can identify a constant and post the results

Edit: forgot to mention that all of the above were completed solo and on the same character, a U6 Monk using Madstone, Broken Promises, CoE & ORotZ. Lgems: BotT, Gizzard & BotP.
Were you ps4 or xbo?
Maybe the issues are only on one?

XBO, completed a few rifts and greater rifts without issue solo.

Either way I hope a hotfix comes soon.
Thanks for everyone sharing their experiences. I've been playing d3 since launch on PS3 then ps4. The game has played so great hardly ever experienced Frame rate issues or lag.

I hope blizzard notices this forum topic. It's definitely bugged from this particular patch.

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