GR 99 Run on 4 players all legit gear

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01/30/2016 04:29 PMPosted by Rthis
01/30/2016 03:48 PMPosted by Pryda
I am super confused as to this thread.

Dude said he did a high grift legit. But you can't be legit with modded gems and and modded paragon.

I understand that. I am confused in general how some think that's legit.
Ah ok. I don't get it my self. But to each there own
You don't get boosted to paragon 10,000 by accident, and no legit player has level 150 legendary gems.
I was boosted 400 levels in a matter of seconds by someone who joined one of my games while I was inside a rift, but I realized what happened right away and got out. I don't play public anymore. You'd have to be pretty oblivious to get boosted all the way 10,000 "accidentally".
Mine really was by accident, but all my gear has always been legit drops, or traded here on I just recently started pushing into the mid 60's Grifts, and the highest legendary gem I have right now is level 60. Usually I die though and have to level them over again because I only play hardcore.
Sad thing your trades might not be legit to some. They could have duped them. To some dupes are not legit.
lol oh god.. what an embarrassing. Next time before you post something like this make sure you understand what "legit" means
Not legit at all, cheating is more like it. Come back when you can actually do it without cheating.
Such a troll.
Try again without the modder/hacker.
01/30/2016 10:28 AMPosted by homerjnick
What is even funnier is there ARE legit GR100 runs done, these modders couldn't even beat it hahahahahaha

Exactly. Please remind me again how cheaters do not affect anyone else and are just playing "their way"?
01/29/2016 06:27 PMPosted by EvilClown
Run a GR 99 with some of my friends. It was a challenge but we did it.

That's legit! GR103
and this gentlemen is why it doesn't matter if you do a gr150 100% legit on console. it just doesn't count.

the op is the perfect example of why console version gets egged on.

i still play from time to time on my ps4, but it has to be solo. very sad that it is impossible to play a public game on ps4.

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