hey guys, I have been back in D3 for about 1 week now. I have been able to farm a few ancient pcs here and there but i have still not see RAMALADNI'S GIFT. do you guys still see the drop or has it been taken off alr?
It certainly still drops, it's just rare. I usually get mine from rift guardians.
I've gotten 1 since season start. I'm about 525pp. But I've seen them come in little spurts. I might get lucky and find 2 in 1 day and 3 in a week. I would really like to have one for my 2nd wep when I get a good one.
6 so far this season, but I've been unlucky in past seasons. They are definitely rare. If I could I'd give you some of my extras.
Dropped for me about 6 times as well, haven't had much luck getting weapons to use them on tho.
more RNG. I've got 61 R gifts
Not rare at all anymore. I have 20 myself, friends have ~10. Just keep playing, the droprate is much better now.
Do lots of everything! and you'll get!

Ive gotten 8-9 this season so far.
wow amazing. ive been at it for days wanting to put one on my weapons! thanks guys guess i need some RNG god xD
Rift bosses seem to be the best way of getting these, heck I have 4 in storage at the present. And actually, from my experience they have dropped more from standard rift bosses than those in GRs, but that could just be me.
For me they seem to drop about one every 12-48 hours of in game time. The spread is pretty wide because as the guy said above they kinda drop in spurts. Small sample size and what not, may not actually be true. But i've went easily over a 100 hours without one, then gotten 3 in a day. My best advice would be to open all chests. I've probably only gotten 4-5 from chests, but it is always a great surprise when it happens. Otherwise, i find rift guardians have a higher chance of dropping than elites. Again, small sample size.
After 400+ Paragon levels and about 80 Grifts, I'm pretty sure these don't exist.
I think it's horrible.
Keep playing, not trying to sound like a scumbag or anything but the best way to get it is to just power on through.

That and or group play, ask if someone can spare one if it drops - any form of speed farming, the more and faster you can kill, the better.
Based on observation it seems to me they've been nerfed down a bit since last season, but as was already pointed out, small sample size and all. Last season I had about 12 extra by this point. I currently have two. I have used a few more though since I did WD last season and got a good legendary very early on, while this season I started on two-hander and recently moved to two one-handers.

Anyway, they're still there, and since you don't use them that often ideally, eventually you'll have more than you need.
I had 3 drop today! First was in a solo game that had back to back goblin packs in 2 rifts, which was pretty cool in itself, and then got 2 in back to back T8 public games! I was happy. That makes 5 in the season and Paragon 540 or so.
Think i'm at around 11 but I don't think I got my first until like 175-200 paragons in

Don't give up
None for me. And I have played since the beginning. Tough one to get.
I'm at 700+ in seasons and have gotten around 15, gave away 5 of them.
Totally random. Leveled with friends who each got 3 before I got any, but I'm up to 7+ now. Feels like they drop more often from TX rifts or Rift Guardians

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