One-click gear and skill swap.

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Yes please good idea OP.
So when?
This would be the best ever, since I hate having a slew of builds for all my characters in a text file I have to alt+tab between.
yes, please add - i want to ba able to 'wear' 2 sets of gear, one for this build, and one for that build, i.e., melee wiz (delsere) and ranged wiz (tal rasha).

i want to be able to change this gear without leaving the zone, even in grift, and i want to have the paragon, 13 armor slots, and keybindings all set the way i like them, and simply click a button like i can in POE

please make this addition
thank you
This might likely not gonna happen, devs are lazy and sucking Blizzards money for a job.
Like i posted before, D3 needs a lot of update and still not fun to play.
02/17/2016 02:33 AMPosted by Kuryux


Would be sorely dissapointed in Blizz if they dont even mention such feature for the upcoming patchs/xpac, would love to see it happen in the very near future but even if its a feture for next xpac I can live with it, as long as they make it happen! would be such a game changer and QoL improvement. I am just worried they might overwork the hamsters powering their servers :S right now, and thats why they have been silent about such a great idea, my bet is probably wont see it happen until they get some $$$ from next xpac sales so they can buy some extra hamsters/hamster wheels for their servers.
02/04/2016 03:29 PMPosted by MissCheetah
No more need to make 4 of the same class to play diff builds or waste time in town switching things out when going from bounties to Grifts or something

Such would make it easier to do set dungeons, run greater rifts, or run in public games. Less vote kicking in public games because you can easily flipflop builds.
Having an instant item swap feature would be a much better alternative than either increasing the maximum number of heroes a player can have on their account or adding more stash space because even if they did increase the maximum number of stash tabs per account to fifteen, there'll still be some players asking for even more stash space. An item swap feature will allow for more item storage space in a more organized way than just adding more stash tabs, and will mean less time having to sort through your mailed items when a season ends. I really hope they add a feature like this because it should save a player a few minutes each time they want to switch from say their TX farming setup to their high GR setup. Each time you want to switch setups, you need to remember all of the skills and items that need to be swapped manually, and if you missed just one when you're gonna do a 70 something GR, you're screwed.

The way I envision the instant item setup swap to be is to allow players to have one 'main' item setup (including Kanai's power and Skills setup) PLUS three 'alternative' item setups for each of their heroes and you can switch between setups with just a couple of clicks. The items and skills that you're using in your 'alternative' setups shall be the same as you have in your 'main' setup by default and you can change specific items and skills in your alternative setups individually. Changing a skill/item in the main setup shall also change it on any of your alternative setups that have not yet been changed individually. With a setup swap like this you can not only compare builds of different sets much faster, but also variants using the same set.

For example, with a Monk, you might have Sunwuko with Wave of Light as your main setup for farming, Inna's as alternative setup (1) for high Grifts, Uliana's for alternative setup (2), and decide to try the LTK variant of Sunwuko for your third alternative setup. You would only have a few items slotted in your alternative 3 setup - most of the items this setup will be using will come from your main setup.
Im sure there will be time/programming limitations on the armour rack, so for me id even be happy if they make minimal changes to the UI. At its simplest i would imagine it like

1. If you click on the armour rack then the gearset that you have CURRENTLY equipped, including talents and skills is saved to the armour rack as a template. Lets call it Set 1 (solo)

2. You then equip your new set and skills/passives, lets call it set 2 (group support). If you now click on the armour rack, it saves your CURRENT gear/skill set to the armour rack and replaces all those items with the template which was previously saved (Set 1 solo).

3. While this would be limited in that it would only allow you to switch between 2 setups, it would have minimal impact on server loads, require minimal UI implementation (maybe just a single panel which shows whats currently stored on the rack)

4 If they do this then also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let followers be ACCOUNT WIDE. Im sick of constantly having to gear followers, let me get them set up right once and that be it done.
It would be an amazing improvement for the game.
This deserves to be continually bumped. Hence, I shall bump.
+1, but...

I would take this further than a simple swap.

Anyone who has played WoW know that you can create lots of different gear sets and swap them out of combat. On top of that, each class has a different specialisation - when you switch specialization, your skills swap. With an add-on you can easily have your gear set follow your current specialization.

IMHO what D3 needs is the ability to save your current build (ie paragon choices, skills choice and equipment) as a named build. Once saved, the items do not have to be available in stash, but can be on any character or in stash for immediate recall regardless of where they are.

They could so easily base this on the current gear UI in WoW - its not perfect, but its a good enough start.

Also - stash space is still pitiful (with the extra 2 tabs) compared to what is needed for 6 classes and often a couple of builds for each. That really needs to be re+organised as well - make the original tabs be global and make the new tabs be class specific.
Where are we at with this? Has Blizz already acknowledged this in some way or?
LOL lets ignore that the functionality of the wardrobe is not developed to deal with actual gear to begin with. You people want mmo features go play WoW.

it is ironic how the left hand screams about WoW in D3 and the right hand requests ii.

Of course in wow each character can play three class's that are distinct. By that I mean actual Dps, healing and tanking. I use an addon called "Outfitter" to do this.There are several available because they exceed what Blizzard offered in it's wardrobe function. ( not static like d3's).

Back to the wardrobe in D3. every wardrobe is developed to be the same given you have all the cosmetic offerings. get the idea, it is static and can be easily applied to each player. Then a guy that should know this already wants to have it so 30m people can all have a very large wardrobe with multiple builds in it. .

Gee I can hear it already deadru trashing another bad idea. Of course never mind all the facts I stated are true. Do any of you people even begin to consider what it would take to implement all these ideas.

Here try this. Blizzard give us the ability to carry another set in our characters inventory using the same 6 slots and then When not in combat for sure while not engaged in a rift or Gr allow us to have a hot key assigned to swap the sets. That would require quite a bit of coding but is at least it is realistic out of the blocks.
02/26/2016 09:05 PMPosted by Eijnew
Where are we at with this? Has Blizz already acknowledged this in some way or?

I'm sure Blizzard has seen this already. It has been mentioned many times. I'm also pretty sure that they feel the game does not really need this. Quality of life in a game is fine but what we see in this thread is a major overhaul.

Reminds me of Bernie sanders. Full of great ideas but none that can even begin to be considered realistic in the current climate in Washington. You people can go live in never, never land with him.

Ideas in their own right are fine, but then you need to consider what it would take and how it would be implemented. In this case you're asking for an awful lot and for what. So you don't have to swap out your gear. I can't see this as being a priority in Blizzard's view. It is simply not needed. Need and want are not the same.

That said if they did it, the next day people would be ranting about it for something. Not enough, to many mouse clicks, ect, ect. We have seen this too many times in the past already. D3 is a simple hack and slash. it was never ment to be any more. You paid 100.00 or so over 3 years. We have had at least two major patches and nobody outside of buying another copy has paid a dime since ros.

Of course each of those patches has seen hate from this community.
Players in Hots: xD
02/26/2016 11:28 PMPosted by DeadRu
Ideas in their own right are fine, but then you need to consider what it would take and how it would be implemented. In this case you're asking for an awful lot and for what. So you don't have to swap out your gear.

Have you ever gone through the trouble of completely swapping out from one build to another, where you had to change every facet of the build? Guess what, it involves more than just the 13 items on the character paper doll.

As shown by the OP's images, it handles gear, skills/runes, passives, paragon and cube powers (OP admitted it was an oversight).

It takes a few minutes to find and swap out the items, remap the skills, runes and passives, reset and reassign paragon points and hop over to the cube and remap the 3 powers.

The idea of this gear swap is to simplify that process with just a few clicks at the most.

02/26/2016 11:28 PMPosted by DeadRu
I can't see this as being a priority in Blizzard's view. It is simply not needed. Need and want are not the same.

You said the same thing when trying to shoot down the idea of a tooltip indicator for items extracted to the cube.

- It's not needed
- It will take a lot of effort to implement
- It will cause an unnecessary burden to the system

Patch 2.4 added that tooltip indicator yet the servers are holding up just fine.

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