Can I Farm with a vanilla player?

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I have RoS and im playing with a friend that has vanilla D3 on PC... my question is... can i continue playing with him after level 60? like... can i somehow choose to just paragon level with him instead of collect RoS exp? because i'd rather not go past level 60 i want to farm with him on vanilla...
you can join his game and probably also create a lvl 70 game in "story mode" that he is able to join...
Taken from another thread:

If you have Reaper of Souls, then you can join in games that have been created by players that do not have the expansion. However, players that don’t have the expansion won’t be able to join games that were created by accounts that have been upgraded to Reaper of Souls.
Well there should be a way that I can choose to play non expansion mode so i can stay at level 60 and gain paragon exp... I already know i can play with non expansion players I am currently playing with one... but my issue is that after level 60 i will goto level 61 while he is still stuck at level 60... and i would like to stay at level 60 and still be able to farm without leveling into the expansion zone.

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