The Shadow's Mantle Set Improvement Thread

Demon Hunter
Jugglers' Sleeve (Bracer)
Throw an additional knife for every consecutive hit on a target.

Showstopper (Dagger)
Impale leaves a dagger in the target for 8 seconds. When there are 5 daggers active, your next Impale deals area damage.

Tightrope Walkers (Boots)
Vault casts Impale.
I do think the 600% should go up to 1000%. I've gone through a lot of melee weapons and the best one I've found doesnt have a damage range that even compares to the ranged weapons we could be using with other sets, and that's not even taking into consideration that those sets provide a higher damage bonus than the shadow's mantle is already. So, we've got a lower bonus, and lower base damage.

Dual wielding would be awesome as well, that dual-sword set comes to mind (little rogue and the slanderer). I'm not sure they're going to make such a big change to the class' fundamental mechanics, though, so changing what weapons we can equip isnt likely to happen.

In addition to the damage increase, I'd also like to see some other legendaries added to support the set:

Modifies impale to hit all enemies in a short cone in front of you, but reduces the range to melee. This would be a good way to make that impale bonus damage apply to groups of enemies, but you have to get right in the middle of it and can no longer 'snipe' with long range impale shots. Think of it like turning impale from a throwing knife into an actual melee attack.

When you hit a target with impale, a fan of knives is also triggered at the target's location. This would take into account any active runes you're using, so it'd be a nice way to get around that 15 second cooldown on the lightning rune for FoK. When paired with the sword above, you'd be hitting everyone in front of you with the impale and then everyone around your target with the fan of knives. This could turn the shadow set into a formidable AoE build. Another pairing might be ricochet + this quiver, which could trigger up to 3 fan of knives bursts per impale (one per target hit by the impale).

Your Chakram - Shuriken Cloud reduces your damage taken from all sources by 25%. This would, paired with the 35% from shadow power, give us similar damage reduction to other sets, and it would be nice to incorporate into a closer-range build with the sword and quiver above.

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