Advice on high level GR's and etiquette

First of all, thanks for clicking. I'm typically a solo player and didn't participate seasons until the end of last season, I never thought I'd like it, particularly public games, but it's been a lot of fun. My wiz is the first recipe build I've ever used, and I'm enjoying playing quite a bit. Power, finally.

I think I'm ready to play some higher level public GR's now. I've run lvl 57 by myself. But since I'm technically a "newbie" to public play and I'll often be the lowest paragon level (lvl 475)in the game for most of the runs, I'm asking for any advice on etiquette. I know the basics, leave shrines to those w/nems, etc., but since my movement is slower than a lot of the classes I'd like to hear thoughts on what role a player at my level should have, and what I should avoid at all cost.

Please also feel free to make any recommendations on my build that you think might help me progress. Appreciate your thoughts.
Role of wiz in groups = stay alive & kill things.

If you're doing those 2 things you'll already be ahead of most of the wiz I've played with.
Looking at your Wizard in profile OP, I think you should stick with group speed farming for now. I'd say around 55-60s for speed with Arcane Orb build. You need to find the necessary ancients before going any higher (especially for the weapon). AVOID at all cost games in which people will expect you to play the Meta. You still do not have the "meta" Wizard ready (if your profile is correct).
If you stick with my recommendation and play only low GR (50s), I believe you do not need to follow any etiquette.

When you find an ancient Unstable scepter, then you can probably do 65-75s with decent speed.

When you find the Twisted Sword (ancient) + all the pieces of gear necessary to make it work, then you can probably go over 80s.

TLDR : For now, what you want is "speed and efficiency" (in other words, at what GR lvl can you do the most per hour, while also getting the most bloodshard+loots?). I believe 50s should be what you are aiming for, right now. When you are able to find an Ancient Weapon (and also Off-Hand), then you can go higher. I can clear 60-70s with relative ease with Arcane Orb builds (5 minutes or so).

Anything higher than 80, you'll probably need to play the Meta Wizard (look at my seasonal wizard in my profile, if you want to know what the meta wizard is). So avoid these for now.

Some other ways to farm your piece of gears :
Loot Sharing - Join a group of 4 wizards and share gears with people. Ideally, find some fully geared wizards that will give you all the gears they don't need (AKA, almost everything).

Farming bounties - For finding the ancient version of a specific gear, there is nothing more "precise" than using the bounty materials to do so! (Look at the cube formula). Usually, you want to avoid spending BloodShards on Weapons, since it is not cost-effective (In my opinion). So, if you find a Twisted Sword, or an Unstable Scepter, and if you have an excess of Bounty Materials, you should definitely reroll them and hope to find an ancient version of it.
Be wise about trying to resurrect fallen comrades. If the room is clear it's nice to res allies but getting yourself killed attempting to res while in combat often hurts the group more.

Also, if you pop a pylon while allies are dead they will not receive the bonus when they revive. I think it's courteous to check if anyone is dead and wait for them to revive before activating pylons. It's a bummer to revive and be the only one without super powers because they couldn't wait to pop that pylon.

When playing wizard stay with the healers and stay alive at all costs. Stay with the party.
Learn to command tornadoes to stay put! If you don't people will call you a noob. Good luck.
Thank you for taking the time to respond in such depth. It's much appreciated.

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