TX Bounties are equal to what GR level?

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02/17/2016 09:39 PMPosted by MASKOAA
Wait people do bounties in T10? I thought everyone did T7 since you get the same amount of mats in T7 as T10?
in t10 you get a max of 10 per act with bonus. t7 i believe you get 8 per act with bonus. so if you can clear t10 fast still you can to get those extra 2 parts
just stack toughness and u should be fine for monk, you can find a power/channel/conduit pylon in a grift and u should 1shot it easily. make sure to use focus restraint though even if they are int/str/ not your ideal stats,

as for TX bounties they are grift 45, grift 55 is like T11
02/17/2016 09:39 PMPosted by MASKOAA
Wait people do bounties in T10? I thought everyone did T7 since you get the same amount of mats in T7 as T10?

not correct anymore
u get 5 mats for a TX run
or 10 if its bonus cache

An orange is equal to how many apples? Derp.

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02/17/2016 07:47 PMPosted by TheTias
TX is equivalant in reality to GR 50 or so in terms of actual monster HP in 1-3 player games due to greater rift monsters' HP being significantly cut. It used to be equivalant to GR 45 before monster HP got cut in GRs but not anywhere else.
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Uh-oh! The truck have started to move.

It didn't feel like that to me at all. The GR 55 was much easier than trying to solo four person bounties.

I didn't know anyone did solo bounties so should've clarified I guess. Solo bounties would make me want to gouge my eyes out.

The health and damage done of monsters increases per party member added to the group. If you are doing public bounties in a group of 4 the mobs will have a lot more health and deal a lot more damage.

02/17/2016 09:13 PMPosted by Rognar
Not in 4 player game, and most bounty are done in 4 player games, so you need to be solo 4 player GR 45

Plenty of people do them solo.
gratz for the achievement, i hope u finish it soon.

As for your question, actually theres a lot of answers.

The main problem is that Uliana`s set is one of the most complicated sets as you not only need the set but you need 2 other weapons and and some cubed items and just the right amount of each stat to make it viable.

The problem begins because it was introduced in patch 2.3 at the same time with Torment 7-10.

Dont get me wrong, the set IS powerful, but you need to tweak it very much to get to that point.

Another thing is, like others had stated, GR HP of monsters have been greatly reduced for solo play. Almost 50% actually. So TX in a 4 man group should be very hard compared to a similar solo grift.

That means that you cleared GR55 in 13 mins because of that, and not because you have your set tweaked to its full potential.

The other problem, is that Bounty runs and GR runs are very different aswell. So if you are using a very complicated set like Uliana`s, small changes can actually hurt you very much.

I just saw your profile and if that is the current setup of your monks, then you have still a long way of tweaking.

For GR`s, you NEED cdr because your whole set works around ephifany and with your current 48.8% is just not enough. You want 8 or 7 cdr on shoulders and gloves, 10% on BOTH weapons, and CDR gem on your helmet, along with Beacon of Ytar passive. You want at least 61% cdr, but more the better. Right now you are not so far, but you are sacrifiying too much Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage for it. Also, I think Focus and Restraint works better than endless walk.

You dont actually need a hellfire amulet for the extra passive, but you need the 100% (or close enough) CHD and 10% CHC on that amulet.

Also in your gear, you dont want All Resist Stat but you want that as a single elemental resist in a secondary affix to fully benefit from Harmony passive. (Some says that Physical Resist is the best single resist you can have because you can avoid most of the elemental damage by dodging it, as opposed to those pesky mobs that jump directly at you, but its not a requirement for the set to work) The main reason you want the secondary affix is because you can better use the All Resist primary stat in your gear for an offensive stat or skill damage stat.

In cube you also NEED Flow of Eternity, because it doesnt just double your Seven Sided Strike damage (cause you can cast it twice as fast) but also because while your are performing the skill, you dont take damage. And this is why you hope to have more than 61% CDR so not only you can almost have perma ephifany but also you can almost perma cast SSS.

If your pushing in GR you want Spirit Guard in cube and you can have unity or CoE or obsidian, its up to you and your playstyle.

Wow. that was a lot. See why its a complicated set now? you have a lot to tweak and also u have some room for options and gems depending on what you have and what GR you want to do.

Now, considering what i already said about the stats. You can make some changes to be very efficient in TX bountys and TX rifts also.

First, you dont need gungdo gear for bountys because you are not grouping mobs and/or waiting for your cooldowns and/or waiting for Way of the hundred fist stacks and/or waiting for your Cold damage in CoE as you would in a GR. Instead you can use Spirit Guard on wrists, because you do need the damage reduction. that opens up the cube slot so you can use Madstone which works better for bountys as you can just explode things while running to your objectives.

For weapons, you have 2 options. you can use the flow of eternity or you can use, ups i forgot the name. Its the sword that reduces your cooldowns by 8 to 10 seconds when you kill an elite.

The reason you want that sword its because allows you to spam dashing strike so you can travel like a lightning (a very welcome thing to have on bounty runs).

Here you can do whatever mix you want, you can have it in cube or use it in offhand or mainhand. Depends only on what your better weapon is. priority is that you want your Highest Damage Weapon on your mainhand and just the better legendary affix on your offhand. The worst legendary affix goes into the cube. So for example in your case you have good weapons, so probably the sword would go to cube.

You dont need over 1 million sheet damage to do either GR60- or TX rift or TX bountys. But obviously the more you have, the better. You just need to have the correct stats on your gear.

Hope this help you. cya!

PD: am not sure if am forgetting something, but i you have any doubt i can check the post later if you have questions.
Thanks for the tips, Posix. I absolutely know my gear on my monk isn't optimal. I basically just took the first full set I got, farmed the other pieces, then put them on and did the rift. I did have spirit guards in the cube. If it's not showing it's probably from playing around with a partial Sunwuko set.

My monk got power leveled so I really have zero feel the for the class at all. That will come with time. I'm just trying to finish the ach then will focus on things like that. Thanks again for taking the time to write such a detailed post on the Uliana's set. I like the playstyle, even on my crappy monk the aoe is amazing, so I will definitely use the information. :)

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