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I'm making a new post because kids like to keep spamming on my posts

What's up guys and gals?
I'm David James

In December on 12/20/15 I started a hardcore Facebook group to bring people together on hardcore who don't use modded/hacked items

And as of today 2/14/16 we have 324 active members

I tried to set up the Facebook group to be like a forum style page and not like your traditional Facebook page

Here are a few rules for our community
-No use of modded/hacked items
-No use of legendary gems higher then a lvl you can actually achieve
-Hardcore players only
-Be active both in the group and on Diablo
-Be kinda friendly and helpful to others

So if this community is something you would like to be apart of
Please come check us out on Facebook

The name of our group is

Diablo 3 Hardcore Xbox One

Thanks for reading my post and have a great day‼️
To the top
To the top
That's a lot of members to be using the honor system. Of course, only thing you can use I guess. I'm a coward so no HC for me.
I well we had one kid before the patch use mods and boost some kids
Booted him
A couple kids useing lvl 100 gems told them please only use gems they have leveled so they have
Besides that it's a pretty solid group
buch of friendly guys and girls
People who have had their own small groups already built
But not mingle with others
i might be down for this, i would need help at the start to get going though

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