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I wish they would bring back Runes & Runewords, all they have to do is tweak them to conform to our current stat system. Making Act Bosses drop runes only in Campaign Mode, would make the mode an asset again. Also they would make the cube a bit more useful as you could use it to transmute runes into more powerful runes. Every time I play D3, I notice the absence of Runewords and the benefits they added, not to mention the sense of accomplishment when you finally put a a hard to acquire runeword together. I cant imagine why anyone would protest against it, as it gives all of us more options in customization.

Anyone who has never played D2 and isn't familiar with runes and runewords can get an idea of how they worked here.



These could become something truly special in the game, worth our time farming. Like I said before, its all about making them conform to the current system. They don't even have to change the words or rune names. These would open a door to improving existing builds and possibly creating new ones.
^ this looks awfully familiar.
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^ this looks awfully familiar.

It is awfully familiar, I've posted about this subject before and you were part of the conversation if I remember correctly and it was a nice civil one too. Well the title says, "suggestion box" so might as well role with it. I apologize for championing runewords, but I really miss them. I just think of the countless pieces of trash gear I've salvaged thus far and imagine all the viable gear I could have turned it into using runes and runewords. It isn't so much nostalgia as it is function/options that I miss . I re-posted the links so players can lookup the info themselves, rather than me explaining every little detail. Its just one of many things I would love to see implemented.
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Pc has the timer. Many people hate it. I was one of them. If I looted a item I did not need. Or had better. I could not give it away to help someone. And that's one thing I truly like to do. In every game that I've played if I could do this I have many times over. And not once have I ever duped a item.

And I'd agree since that's what you see many people talk about here. But to be honest if they want to they can. It don't bug me in anyway.

And on split farming. Please correct me if this was changed or not part of the console. But I do remeber a patch to stop split farming. It was not how they wanted the game played. And I know some would want to know why I think they patched this. So it's because of this

Blizzard has hotfixed out shared bounty bonuses anywhere in the same game, effectively ending split farming. You now need to be on the same level when the bounty is completed to earn the award.

So was the site wrong or was there another hotfix to change this?

I haven't seen any patches to prevent split bounty runs. We still currently do them and I'm on Xbox One.

So was it a pc only thing then? Since I do remember blizzard saying it's not how they wanted people to play
1) Console Seasons
Is this really so important. I will give an example if 2.5 console get Seasons. But we do not have leader board to show case how high you are .. u ok? If you want to have leader boards but all 1000 players are all at Grift 150 clear are you ok? So the question I am asking if you really want Seasons because you want to be in the leader board or you like to start from lvl 1?

Hopefully you can find an answer in console season here but if you cannot you can always delete yr acc or make a new acc in 2.5 to feel how is playing Seasons.

2) campaign mode
Blizz has already made bounties mode. You can randomly kill death in act 5 n do other 5acts in it. But if you prefer to kill death at the beginning of story mode in act 5 trust me you will scream at yrself after few hours death do not drop anything good for you. Whereas bounties do give u exclusive random random legends (TX is 100% drop rate) it is the replacement already for story mode.

3) rune words
Sadly it will be a bad addition if this will implement on D3. Take example would you rather do whirlwind on yr wizard or war cry on yr wiz? We only get 6skills having addition on them without a decent buffs make our class build look silly. No doubt it is fun to play n the idea is fresh but if players doing grift I doubt they even want rune words.

I prefer blizz to concentrate on doing more legends weapons for each individual class since ION is introduce now. Or better sets.

My suggestion is just make ALL class balance as much as you can blizz. I prefer 4DPS player going n doing GRIfts than 1OP dps player n 3 support players. There are a lot of good builds n sets offer to you blizz n even good suggestion for 2.5.

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