Finally Got My Season Journey Stash Tab

Amazing how hard it is to find a gold gob in T10 when you want one. I think the 45 no-set challenge was easier to complete. So now what?

Stan: I can't believe it's all over. What do we do now?
Cartman: What do you mean? Now we can finally play the game.
I got the 50 mil conquest by accident early on.

A Gob pack that has two gold gobs in it will normally do the trick. . .or you can hunt a single gold gob in T10 and pump your gold find up. Either way will get it done.

With regards to the GR45 'no-set' conquest. . .

It was significantly easier with a crusader this season that it was to do the GR40 last season with a Wizard.

I took me weeks to get that with the wiz. Well over 100 GR keys. More than 38 different build/gear combinations. When I did get it, I had exactly 15 seconds left when I killed the RG.

With the sader this season. . . I got it on the 1st try with the blessed shield (holy) build.

So now that I got the extra stash tab (my one and only goal for this season). . .I am gonna chill on D3 for a while.

Time to level that Demolitionist in Grim Dawn. :)
I farm T8 with sage set on my WD and get 50m+ streaks all the time on open maps without even trying, just get you gold find% up high enough and run BOTH and its easy :)
I had gold equipment while leveling, and found a gold gob in one of the first T10 runs that I did. I didn't mess with the no-set GR45 until I mastered the IK dungeon. Earth dungeon made me want to hurt real-life things - I tried and failed with Vyr's set only a few times so I only wanted to hurt virtual things after that.
Grats to those who have the extra stash tab!

I'm not going to worry about it until close to the end of the season.

My one goal for this season is to get my overall Paragon to 800 in hardcore and softcore.

Once I accomplish this, I'll concentrate on no set GR45, meanwhile hopefully getting good gold find gear and a level 50 Boon of the Hoarder gem.

I've also got all Crusader sets, so I could also do the other 3 set dungeons.

So much to do in the next 2+ months.

02/16/2016 04:15 PMPosted by fortytwo

Stan: I can't believe it's all over. What do we do now?
Cartman: What do you mean? Now we can finally play the game.

^ this. haha. this is exactly what I feel. can finally relax and start playing the game :)
02/16/2016 04:06 PMPosted by CerealKiller
So now what?

D3 does have 2 other regions...
Grats on the stash space. Now what you asked?

Farm bounties, KWs, rift, etc. to get epic loots and try to go high in GRs. :)
GZ super cool!

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