I gave up the L word

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02/19/2016 01:59 PMPosted by KingKodora
02/19/2016 01:48 PMPosted by EliteWarrior

Kid I bet you stole your mothers credit card to buy whatever junk you have off eBay

You could never be on these kids level just leave now before you make yourself look like a bigger douch bag

02/19/2016 01:51 PMPosted by EliteWarrior
You're so stupid

I've watched conndis hunter tressa basickevin all the these clowns
Try to make you look like a fool / ruin your name on these forums
And now you're over here sucking there dicks who's the stupid one

You're pathetic in glad you blocked me from your Facebook group

And btw you're girl is way to hot for you she is !@#$ing with a loser and should be with a hero

Lmao thanks for the compliment ....to bad you could never get a girl as hot as mine

And there is an additional bonus - after you killed RG in regular rift you can leave game on all accounts except your main and then collect all GR keys. The same trick is working for legendary materials from uber bosses. At least it was working in 2.3, I didn't try it in 2.4 yet, still busy with season 5 on PC.[/quote]

If you are playing co op who play like mind, 1 purely just do normal rifts, the other just do bounties. Once yr Friend kill RG just tp back to collect yr keys. The player doing rifts should not worry about cache since what you get will auto sent to them.

Make a tX build, the thing bad is if the player do not have mic, you need to tp back on town to check the rift progress instead of just tp bounties in world. If you can get 2 or 3 friends, act1-5 bounties should be done in less than 40mins.

Once you finish bounties just tp to rift or change to yr charector doing Grift :)

But now since I cheat on my mule acc i just rift n grift :(

Listen I'm really sorry I don't like to play the game the way you like to play it ...will you please just let it go now
02/19/2016 05:24 PMPosted by EliteWarrior
Listen I'm really sorry I don't like to play the game the way you like to play it ...will you please just let it go now

If this msg is not meant for me, just ignore this, I am sorry for even accusing you, my bad

But if you meant me... I never even bother to reply you (until you start spamming me), calling me names from the time you start. I give suggestion and upfront truth to how I cheat in my mule acc.

You are calling players no life, cheater, loser n names. But you clearly forgotten you are the same class as me now.

Dun even reply I bet you no one would even bother about it. What you expect? You slap someone n expect that person to go crying or shut up.

I am so sorry but I rather have a bleeding nose than to walk away if anyone or me encounter this.
listen man I'm done with the drama with you alright ....I'm sorry
I'm the cheater
You happy ?

Now please let it be and go flame someone else like that king guy
@elitewarrior I dun even care if you cheat since I am cheating now atm.

@kingkodra sorry at least he dun buy mods n pushing GRIfts without mods. So how is it now playing high GRIfts?
Come on is all this bs really necessary? Some of the comments being made are truly uncalled for. Why can't we just forget who is and is not legit. Who duped and who don't. We all have our own play style there is no need to bash each other.
Seriously. Some guys are playing definitely to much.

Calm down. Sleep with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Play with your kids and let the game behind you for a while
I've asked blizzard to remove this thread.
I figured page 7 of a post about legitness would look exactly like this lolol
02/16/2016 03:05 PMPosted by Arctor
02/16/2016 10:35 AMPosted by FOMOF
PC Rules - no duping, no modding, no taking gear mats from people who do. Play like on the PC.

I like this term, but it could easily be confused with a comparative assertion. In other words, "[The] PC rules [bro!]" ;)

More apt might be "Self Controlled" - because that's really the problem, at its core. People aren't holding themselves to a higher standard (e.g., playing as if on PC), and they subsequently cheat, dupe, mod and generally never learn to play and make game life miserable for players who aren't cheating, duping, and modding.

or call those that cheat as the "morally and ethically challenged" as in "developmentally challenged"
Since they have such a hard time growing and functioning under normal circumstances without resorting to cheating or exploiting.

how about the "Mor-ethic rules" as in "moral and ethical" for those playing without cheating
If everyone's honest with themselves then this thread wouldn't exist.
02/21/2016 07:21 AMPosted by Zear
If everyone's honest with themselves then this thread wouldn't exist.

Yeah it would. Legit people need to put down people who don't play like they do.
I will not continue any argument about this subject any longer

I dupe my matts because I hate farming them I don't find it fun
But I don't use any gear that isn't "legit gear" meaning modded/hacked items besides the purely cosmetic wings

If anyone has a problem with how I play that's their problem

This will be my last post about this subject people take things way to far
02/20/2016 07:08 AMPosted by FOMOF
I've asked blizzard to remove this thread.
The thread or the topic?
The whole "gave up the L word" thread. When people start encouraging suicide I'm done. There are real people behind these gamer tags and they are more important than having the correct video game ethics. If someone can't agree with that statement they have my pity. This is my last post on this thread.
Your the author.just change the subject and the OP to closed.it 'll die then.
02/21/2016 07:48 AMPosted by Vydor
02/21/2016 07:21 AMPosted by Zear
If everyone's honest with themselves then this thread wouldn't exist.

Yeah it would. Legit people need to put down people who don't play like they do.

Actually I'm kind of worried about people who claims they are 100% legit in console D3 and try to put down someone else who accordingly to their "rules" is not 100% legit. I feel something fishy there.

I spent huge amount of time on D3 both on PC (since vanilla) and XB1/PS3/PS4. You can fool someone else but not me that all these ancient items you have on your characters with decent and needed stats to be able to push 90+ GRs you got legit by grinding and crafting by "PC rules". NO WAY. The amount of RNG in this game is way out of proportion.
There are only three possible options:
- you got extremely lucky (may be true for one build for one class, but for 3 or more - impossible).
- you spent 10+ hours a day for grind = you have no real life.
- you just silently dupe materials and reroll your items when no one can catch you.

Reforging legendaries eat bounty mats and especially forgotten souls like there is no tomorrow.
Upgrading rares to legendary is less effective for trying to get the target ancient item with needed rolls and eat death breaths and regular mats very fast too.

I tried ET DMO Wizard on XB1 which is the strongest DPS build in patch 2.4, I was sick last week and I had plenty of time to sink into this game, so after 1 week with ~5-6 hours a day I reached only GR76 at paragon ~700 with legendary gems around 70-71 level. I spent ~20000 of each material, ~5000 souls, and ~10000 death breaths, and around ~300 of each bounty mats.

My gear is only half ancient and rolls on all of it are so-so. I got lucky and gambled good ancient orb but almost all materials I spent trying to get good ancient weapon with needed rolls. Still keep trying.
I'm far too great a coward to make a HC character but seems to me thats where most cheaters would congregate there. They get to appear big !!*%!%!% OGs cause of the perma death but if !@#$ actually goes down then just load a cload save. Most people who dupe use the excuse of finding the gring boring and wanting to save time. Seems like reloading a hc save is the same. Grinding a character is boring and they're saving time. Rationalizations make it ok.

I'm sure there are tons of people that play hc 1 death at a time too cause i assume its fun.

Again, if everyone was honest about how they played then these threads could be avoided. Someone should make a thread about that. Everyones done SOMETHING unscrupulous, I'm sure. Yes, even leeching counts.

If everyones a cheater, then nobody is.

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