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I understand a lot of people dont play dungeons because feel its too hard and boring, well, in a certain point of view yes, but some players like me, feel the reward worth the stress.

I have finally collected all 24 set pieces, and mastered my fave class monk, but make it alone is really a pain, and with some friend help i mastered Uliana and then i get my Monk pennant.
Now playing Barb dungeons is very hard to master WotW due RNG, and i can expect other classes have that stressful dungeon , so here the matter of this post:

who want to team up to help and be helped to master the dungeons ?
Require strategy and appropriated skills, but isnt that bad, who played and mastered dungeons know the feeling of the accomplishment. Monks/ cyclone strike/ Blind and DH Multishot map cleaners are very usefull.

GT: tessis1681
I thought you didn't get the achievement of other people joined. Is that not the case?
You don't get the mastery achievement
I meant, how pleasant is to master a dungeon after all. I've completed Monk and Barb atmo.

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