"2.5" Crusader Wishlist

1. Akkhan gets reworked. That 4-piece bonus has no business being here in 2.3+.

2. Blessed Shield added to Roland's Legacy. Blessed Shield is a melee skill despite popular belief.

3. Invoker's is made the best Thorns based build, and it is actually made a Thorns based build, not a CDR/cycle sync build.

4. Shield Bash and Sweep Attack are properly combined to be used in Roland's. This means also adding a better resource management mechanic to the set.

Overall 2.4 has done a lot of things I like. But I think our sets still need a lot attention.
Good list.

It feels as if this patch is kind of a beta test, LON being introduced there was honestly no way for Blizzard to fully test how effective it would be. I think after this season is done we will see buffs and nerfs go out to several of the sets. Invoker's being a totally outside the box I didn't expect it to be perfect this time.
As long they will tweak/buff invoker- i will be happy.
I like this playstyle (yay no CC/CD) , but its a bit to weak and its outperformed from lon bombard so easy....
LoN would be more fun if it didn't required legendaries to be ancient, and it only gave you a 75% boost to damage or something. I just feel like it should be a super easy to get set that helps you get other sets. Maybe next season instead of giving you a full set at the start when hitting 70, they just give you LoN, so you strap on a couple of your questionably crappy legendaries and jump on into a T5 the moment you hit 70. That's just my thought process, I know many would disagree which is fine.


I agree with Roland's needing a rework though. That set is kind of a mess right now, like it doesn't know what it wants to do. A rework for the set could look like:

- Resource cost of both SB and SA reduced by 75%, & "Every use of Shield Bash and Sweep Attack reduces the cooldowns of your Laws and Defensive Skills by 1 second."

- Attack speed of SB and SA increased by 50% base(no stacks). SB and SA gain the effect of all runes except the one you chose ( For Example: if you don't like the knockback and stun of the "One on One"SB rune, choosing this rune will remove that runes effect and keep all others. If you want all runes, then simply do not pick a rune) and hit all enemies in 10 yards of player who were not hit by the initial strike for 50% dmg. (This opens up element choice and helps AoE)

- Remove the damage reduction stacks, replace with 50% dmg reduction for 8 seconds after SB or SA skill use.

No now you're a walking AoE of death, not worrying about building stacks like a walking Taeguk Gem or burning through Wrath like a boulder toss Barb with no generator, and can choose the element of your choice with all runes being open and a select one being closed if you so choose. Or maybe that's just OP AF and I'm a total nutter. A MAD MAN I TELL YOU!
I agree and would like to add:

- A fifth set, based around phalanx/remnants and fist of heavens, with a reworked Baleful Remnant as a workable choice.

for Rolands:

- Something to make this set not so ridiculously clunky and annoying to use.


Voythas Spiker (spelling?) and Sanguinary Vambraces should get fixed to work properly and with the bonus thorn damage added by I2, I6, Reflective skin, etc
02/13/2016 05:42 PMPosted by Jako
3. Invoker's is made the best Thorns based build, and it is actually made a Thorns based build, not a CDR/cycle sync build.

The stack mechanic needs to be addressed as well as the lacking aoe damage. Part of that lacking damage is the mob collision problem. Much like WD pets when you stack a bunch of mobs together I've noticed that most of them will not attack unless they have a ranged ability. I've seen this many times, you have a massive pull going and some how only hit 30 or so stacks, while monsters stand around. Taunts need to come off the DR list as well, both Provoke and the effect of BC.

Damage outside of coe cycle needs to be addressed for sure though, along with fixing long broken thorns items. Norvalds flail should also be re introduced as a 1h, and perhaps adjust the bonuses to function as the Invoker set weapons. This would provide an area to special case the set to avoid having to balance for LON. Despite my other critiques of things in this patch, the synergy between Swiftmount and In Geom is great and it is a setup you can use in almost anything. While I appreciate the idea of giving crusaders a dedicated speed farm weapon set it almost seems superfluous.
My wish for 2.5 is to have Blessed shield single-target to be able to ricochet between the player and the monster.

I'm not asking for all 3 shattered pieces to ricochet. Just 1 out of 3 would already be good.

Even with the Akkhan's Manacle, the drop in damage is too great between having a RG with a mob around it and having just you with the RG.
I actually went the opposite direction with the tweaks I posted a bit ago. Instead of doing complicated things to 'rebuild' the sets, I went with small tweaks to the existing set mechanics. Mostly number change related. That's not to say I couldn't see a value in adding more, but that it seemed pointless to ask for more. They barely touched the sets as it is. No reason to imagine we'll get more attention paid to them next season. So that's why these simpler ideas came together.

2p - Every use of Blessed Hammer or Justice that hits an enemy reduces the cooldown on Falling Sword by 30 seconds. (It's Seeker's DR component. It needs to be always up and available for use no matter what).

6p - Also increases the damage of Justice by 1250%.

2p - Increase the cooldown reduction per hit to 2 seconds. (It's Roland's DR component. It needs to be always up and available for use no matter what).

4p - Increase the damage of Punish and Slash by 500% as well.

- increase to 50% and increase buff duration to 4 seconds.

6p - The attack speed of Punish and Slash are increased by 50% and deal 600% of your Thorns damage to the first enemy hit. All your other damaging attacks or effects deal 100% of your Thorns damage to any enemy affected (thinking higher now - more like 250%).

4p - (replace) Gain 50% cooldown reduction (also thinking higher now - more like 65%).

...change the flail to 1-hand.

I'd also suggest small tweaks to the supporting legendary items, but there are quite a few of them, and that would take up a lot of space.
Drakon's Lesson:
Shield Bash deals 350-400% more damage to the first 5 enemies hits and has 50% reduced resource wrath cost

Roland 4:
750% Shield Bash, Sweep Attack
1500% Punish, Slash

Piro Marella:
Shield Bash damage 125-150%

New legendary belt:
Shield Bash gains the Shield Cross Rune

Invoker 6:
Dealing AoE
e.g.: Blocks with Punish - Fire rune (explodes) deals Thorns damage to every enemy that is hit
e.g: Omnislash deals Thorns damage to every enemy it hits, not just the first one
-> otherwise only 1 single Rune (Celerity) will be viable
Stack damage increased

Becoming BiS for Invoker6 and also dealing AoE like Invoker6 (above)

Cam's Rebuttal:
Falling Sword damage 150-200% (5th)
Falling Sword radius is increased by 10 yards. Every second, gain 100-125% increased damage for your next Falling Sword. Stacking up to 20 times. Hitting an Enemy with Blessed Hammer grants a stack.

Getting a rework. Making it non-cdr stacking viable and building in a 50-60% DR multiplier

Fist of the Heavens:
Some Bracers that give another 500-600% multiplier (next to Akkhan's)
Darklight now casts 3 FoTHs at once (same location, cursor)
Maybe some belt that increases FoTH attack speed by 50% and refunding Wrath when it hits 5 or less enemies or something

+some more
need more time to think about it
Top of the list a Akkhans rework, preferably damage increase and DM bound to your CDR value so stacking gets worthwhile.

Also a set based around Phalanx, and I don't mean ponies you can always use Akkhans for that, along with a rework of phalanx legs. Eternal Union and Warhelm of Kasar are pretty redundant. something like:
"Increase the damage dealt by your Phalanx by 45–60% and their attack speed by y%." on the helm
The ring could be "Increases the duration of Phalanx avatars by 200% and reduce the damage they take by x%."

Then all we need is a Phalanx set:
    2pc: While on your steed your Phalanx deals x% more damage.
    4pc: You deal x% more damage and have the damage taken reduced by y% for every summoned phalanx avatar
    6pc: (not sure about this one but something like) when you drop below z% of your health your masters spirit comes to your aid and fights by your side for x% of your weapon damage for x seconds healing you for y% of your total life or to stick with a lord commander theme The effect of Impactful bombardment is applied to all of your bombardments projectiles.

    2pc: While on your steed your Phalanx deals x% more damage.
    4pc: Bombardment gains the effect of the Minefield rune and the mines damage is increased to x%
    6pc: You deal x% more damage and have the damage taken reduced by y% for every summoned phalanx avatar
Falling Sword no longer costs Wrath. Using Falling Sword disables Aquila Cuirass for a few seconds, which in high group GRs is a lifetime. Otherwise, the Seeker of Light set is in a decent place as far as I am concerned.
Your wishlists are too long.

All you need is one.

"Every Crusader set is stronger than the top Crusader LoN builds."

Also, anybody got any youtube clips demonstrating problems with your current sets? Ie lack of wrath or damage mitigation or DPS etc?

If Devs can see these it makes it easier for them to grasp the guts of your grievances and grant you your wishes.

Signed the Barb tooth fairy.
02/14/2016 04:33 PMPosted by Jako
Falling Sword no longer costs Wrath

This get's my vote for top priority. Its beyond annoying need to be able to cast FS the split second you need it and greatly reduces its value as a defensive move. Please devs, listen to this :-)

Also I wish for a rework of Akkhans in respect to CDR. I don't mind that the damage of Akkhans is not top tier, but I do mind the gearing requirements to make it even work. Getting to 56% CDR is no cakewalk at the start of a season and when you finally get there the result is lackluster.
A simple solution would be to grant a large amount of CDR in the 4pc. (or 6pc. bonus). Anything that makes AC permanent without the need to roll CDR on practically every piece of your gear would be welcome. Then give us (or look closely at the existing ones) a few supporting items for
- Fist of Heaven
- Phalanx
- Holy Shotgun
- Condemen
and make it so that they tie in with Akkhans set. Make it need AC up as a condition or or "when you have a 6pc. set bonus active" or something, just so that it doesn't really work with LoN, so the damage multipliers on the support items could make up for the lower base power of Akkhans set but it still would not be OP with LoN.

Also give us a Norvald's Set that is just a (bugged) poor man's Bombard set ....

Edit: as the Barb tooth-fairy chimed in on this thread: Just make Akkhans set work like IK in respect to AC uptime: whenever we spend wrath the CD of AC is lowered by X ... this grants the Barbs perma-Berserker and should work for Crus as well. Also it wouldn't interfere with LoN.

1) Add belt, become 7 piece set, & become ulitility & mix & match sets like Tal Rasha and Immortal King

2) Akkhan 4pc bonus
-40-50% damage reduction which AC is active,

- AC champion now last for 50s (from 20s)
This improve the CDR requirement from current 56% to 44%, but also required you to click on AC less often (from every 20 sec to every 50 sec), which is a quality of life improvement.

4) 6 piece bonus
- 450% damage when AC is active (no change)

Maybe some other fun 6 piece bonus ideas:
- Cooldown of all skills are reduced by 15% for 5 sec when a primary/secondary skill is used
- All laws are cool down by 30% faster

(from every 20 sec to every 50 sec), which is a quality of life improvement.


while the idea is good, akkan every 50s instad of 20s also mean 2x less surviability/healing since the proc of prophet (full life bar every 20s). It does need new mecanic for sure having to stack 55% on a non cdr based build (like LoN bomb) is a total waste of stats.

Dawn: 1 weapon - reduces the cooldown of Vengeance by 65%

Armor of Akkhan: 4 items - reduces the cooldown of Akarat's Champion by 50%

Flawed design for Crusaders. There are a few possible solutions for this:

a) Change it to reduce the cooldown based on the amount of Wrath spent (like Immortal Kings) - this would not be ideal for Blessed Shield builds

b) Change it to reduce the cooldown when you hit with an attack (like Natalya or Delsere) - more Blessed Shield friendly

c) Increase the cooldown to 65% like Dawn. With DH, you need 8% cooldown on shoulders and quiver + diamond in the helm to have 1 second downtime in Vengeance. This requires us to dedicate a few rolls to cooldown (IK6 can dedicate these rolls to area damage/defensive rolls, being better in this regard).

As other have already mentioned, Armor of Akkhan needs built in damage reduction. Change the 6 piece to "While Akarat's Champion is active, you deal 450% increased damage and take 50% less damage"



Don't force us to make hybrid builds! Other sets that buff multiple skills have dedicated builds to those different skills. You don't see a Marauder DH using CA and Impale because the set buffs these skills. With that said, Sweep Attack builds need help with single target and Shield Bash needs AoE. Also, increase the bonus of the 4 piece to 800%.

The Sweep attack build has no specific bracer or belt, so something could be added in these slots if necessary to help with single target.

Suggestion: something like http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/cesars-memento

"Enemies take 300–400% increased damage from your Sweep Attack for 5 seconds after you hit them with a Blind, Stun or Knock effect." (Blind from Shiled Glare, Stun from the Lightning rune, and knock effect form the holy rune - this would increase the overall power of Sweep Roland, but would also be very helpful for single target)

The Shield Bash build needs a lot of work. First, correct the bug that the animation of your fast SB attacks can't be cancelled to activate the Laws and Defensive skills. Second, it's harduous to manage Wrath with this variant, even with the RCR from Piro Morella and the refund from the bracers. Third, this variant needs a way to clear packs.

The first issue seems to be the easy one - it's just programming. For the second, a weapon is a nice choice:


Replace the movement speel roll with 150%-200% Shield Bash damage and add the affix "Every use of Shield Bash increases your Wrath regenaration by x%" (value has to be tested).

The third issue:

02/14/2016 09:32 AMPosted by WalkinTall
Drakon's Lesson:
Shield Bash deals 350-400% more damage to the first 5 enemies hits and has 50% reduced resource wrath cost

And add a Belt that gives Shield Bash the Shiled Cross rune.



Have Falling Sword now generate 25 Wrath insted of costing 25 Wrath. Sometimes you spend so much Wrath with the hammers that you can't use Falling Sword and become completely fragile. Barbs can activate Focus and Restraint so easily with a lot of non-primary skills that generate Fury. This should be the case with Crusaders too.



Revert the last change in the PTR to the 2 piece. "Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies in a 15 yard radius around you. Each time you hit an enemy with Punish, Slash, or block an attack your Thorns is increased by 50% for 4 seconds."



This skill was overlooked this patch. It might have been intentional and a set is going to be dedicated to it in the future. If this is not the case, add a bracer so we can play it with Akkhan.

Suggestion: something like http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/bracers-of-the-first-men

Attacking faster means you will run out of Wrath quickly (hello, LTK Sunwuko). Akkhan doesn't have a belt so this ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/hellcat-waistguard ) could roll with Fist of Heavens damage and reduce it's resource cost.
Microcortes, you seem to be my soulmate lol

If there is anything I could ever truly want, it is an overall buff to a Crusader's Wrath resource. As much as I enjoy the class, it's completely crippled by Wrath without the use of a complete Legendary and Set item combination. I'm sorry, but a base regeneration of only 2.5 per second with 100 starting Wrath is absolutely unacceptable, especially when compared to a Wizard who's resource generates four times faster.

If anything, you don't even need to increase the base regeneration. At the very least, could we please get a passive ability or skill rune that increases Wrath regeneration, similar to the Wizard?
By the way, we have 0 shoulders that are worth wearing for LoN. Unless you consider Leoric's Pauldrons great, of course :P

We need something worthwile for that slot, damnit.
Well u dont have set with no shoulders also, so big deal :D

More of ask a channeled spell for crusader like a rune from heavens fury probably or something like that

Sadness me in so many posts none mentioned Norvald's Fervor and how much useful would be the fix
That currently is bugged and not working >.>

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