What exactly is it.................

That attracts people to play HC ? I just got a hero to L30 a barb, and I only have one red gem. At the rate hardcore heros obtain certain items, I'll be 100 before I'm able to gear my hero fully !!!!!!!!!!!
There is really no difference between hc/sc besides perma death, That's about it.

I doubt the mode has anything to do with drop rates. RNG is RNG afterall. The more you play the more loot will drop.

GL on your journey.

If you live long enough, you get bored. Same goes for making a HC character. It's refreshing to start over sometimes.
I'll answer for myself.

I have played hardcore since nearly the beginning. (Just after the first inferno nerf less than a month in, but well before the second.) But to be honest, hardcore isn't my ideal game state. It's just a hell of a lot better than softcore in this game.

The thing is, I still want you to be punished for death. Just enough so that you actually have good motivation to prevent it from happening. The way softcore works in D3, you have virtually no motivation to take measures to keep your hero alive besides the bare minimum. I get that, for practicality, you can't let yourself get one-shot by everything, but you can still allow yourself to have a reasonable chance of dying, because it's worth the tradeoff of playing faster. Death is nothing in SC. You just lie down for five seconds and then get back up and keep going. To me this is unacceptable and ridiculous; it makes death completely meaningless.

Like I said, hardcore isn't ideal for me. I want to be able to keep my character and all my progress if I make a stupid mistake, or if I disconnect. However, to me it's still far better than the alternative, which is a game where death is absolutely meaningless. Just a five second pause. In that game the optimal strategy becomes to leave yourself extremely susceptible to death all the time just so you can clear a little quicker. (Also known as "zerging".) I need a game where you're constantly making tactical decisions to stay alive. So neither SC or HC are my ideal scenario, but the latter is far preferable.

My ideal scenario would go something like this. When you die, the game you're in ends. Think of it like each game you start is a new instance, or world. In that world, you're now dead so you can't do anything more. You have to start a new game. And then maybe add some strong motivation to want to stay in the same game for a long time. (Something like "uniques can only show up after you kill X elite enemies, and then the chance of a unique item slowly grows as you kill more elites, up to a certain point.) If there was a mode like that, I would play it over HC and SC.
I don't play HC anymore because I'm a filthy casual, but...

I didn't believe my friend who was trying for months to get me to play HC but I eventually bit. I got a wizard to about lvl 20 and came across a nasty elite pack. I nearly died immediately, potion was only a speed bump for these guys, I was running and dodging for what felt like a full minute trying to get back to a waypoint so I could get back to New Tristram. When I finally did, and started breathing again, I noticed a massive (at least for a video game) adrenalin dump. That was it. I was hooked.

I played and was content with fairly simple farming, low end GRs. The best I did was as a Barb 2 seasons ago at GR 47 or 48 I think. Nothing crazy but that OH &^*($ feeling when you get hit real hard or proc your 2nd life passive is what kept me coming back for more.

I play SC now because everyone I know plays it and it is nice to join a group game with randoms and not worry about getting PKed.
02/13/2016 10:42 PMPosted by Omniwang
I don't play HC anymore because I'm a filthy casual
Most are. HC is full of nooblets with elitist attitude. Maybe 10-20% gamers and 1% of praos that play 12-18h daily.
For me, Hardcore brought new life to the game. I'm no pro and in SC I only ever made it to about GR 42 on my non seasonal SC toons pre 2.3. For season 4 I tried a seasonal character for the first time and also gave HC a try. I haven't played my SC characters since. I was mostly a solo player until I tried season and in season 4 I had almost as much paragon as I had gained in non season since launch, with a long break of not playing the game from pre season 1 to mid season 2. In season 5, I've progressed much further than season 4 and it's not even a month into the season. The game feels much more involved when there is concern for losing good gear and good gems. Yes, the disconnects and bad servers suck but the pros for me far outweigh the cons. I'm still a filthy casual able to play an hour or two after work a few days and a few hours on weekends but I'm having fun playing the game again and that is what is important to me.
For me it's just not a way to get into mobs but to get out of there quick,Yeah it can be a bit slow n frustrating DC's wallers lag, But it can be very rewarding to set a target with HC n get there
02/13/2016 02:44 AMPosted by Raine
That attracts people to play HC ? I just got a hero to L30 a barb, and I only have one red gem. At the rate hardcore heros obtain certain items, I'll be 100 before I'm able to gear my hero fully !!!!!!!!!!!

I don't usually get fully geared (set, supporting legs, fully upgraded gems) until P400 - P500, so if you make it by P100... CONGRATS! My Sader is almost P400 and I've got 1 more Diamond to upgrade and I need a Strength Traveler's Pledge amulet (I found a Dex one...). Ancient items are slow to drop as well.

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