What would be a perfect endgame in your opinion?

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As it is, I'd be happy to see few changes or additions in terms of endgame:
Survival or Fortress Defense mode, as an alternative to Greater Rifts. Defend one of the last mortal foothold against endless hordes of monsters, including elites and even some bosses once every several waves. It could work as a PvEvP, too.

Viable Exploration outside of bounty runs. The game plays best when you can can actually experience it as a whole. As it is, it's either impossible due to rift's randomness or just ignored, because bounties promote efficiency in running from one objective to the other, and they're necessarily finite. It's nice to score Massacres, encounter Bandit Shrines or open a portal to a special area, and it'll be even better if there was some specific reward tied to exploration - not to bounties.

Difficulty 3.0, in which playing on the highest setting is always somewhat challenging, not just in terms of scaling monster damage and toughness, but also terrain conditions, special modifiers, encounters, etc. Think "StarCraft 2 campaigns and co-op missions on Brutal difficulty". So - not just "Torment N+1". You don't have to play GRs to experience some challenge.
You Maltheal and Tyreal taunting Diablo as he lies tied and gagged in the back of his luxury sedan. Then you push him over the cliff into the ocean and the car explodes.

-Scaling difficulty rifts. Something like each floor is harder then the previous with scaling enemy buffs. Goes on until you die 3 times. After those 3 deaths a chest spawns nearby that gives loot based on how far you cleared.

-Wave based rifts. The rift is basically one large room with waves of enemies spawning one at a time, each wave getting harder. Eventually leading to waves that turn on map hazards and huge bosses. Loot at the end is determined by # of waves defeated.

-Final campaign chapter, basically one super hard ending chapter to the campaign mode where you go save Leah's soul from the burning hells or whatever.

-Gear balancing so you can use your favorite set, instead of whats considered most OP at the time to effectively clear end game content.
End game now is pure frustration (plz fire the person who made GR's end removed endgame from D2 and D3 vanilla)

1) Trade
2) Hard T levels (not GR which is the worst, frustrating crap introduced to D3)
3) PVP

So basically all end game which made D2 successful??
I really think the devs are underestimating the value of free trading as another dimension for "end game".

Whether it was intentional or not Diablo 2 hit a sweet spot for a spread of items from the common items to the rarest items. The rarity of all items were "balanced" relative to their power which is what Diablo 3 has to do if they implement trading ever. Since the sets and supporting legendary's are handed out like free candy players don't have the thirst for the item hunt that Diablo 2 had other than some absurd "fine tuning" an ancient legendary which is not an answer for end game item hunting. Don't even try to bring up the drop rates of Diablo 3 legendarys at release when we can easily see Diablo 2 had it right with drop rates and item power.

Trading and a balanced tuning of drop rates with trading in mind will make every legendary drop MEAN something because it has value in trading. We won't even have "junk" legendary's as even all of the "junk" legendary's that are technically not bad it's just that they are out done by the top tier legendary's, would be useful in a properly tuned drop rate.

But whatever I'm wasting my breath as this will fall on deaf ears.
My wishlist is probably too big for a single post, but I'll try to condense some of the points.

5/3/1 item system: 5 being primary affixes, 3 being secondaries, and the 1 being a tertiary affix always guaranteed to roll on a particular slot. Movement speed on boots, for example.

Full Mystic rerolls: In particular with 5/3/1, items should also become fully customizable. However, the cost becomes progressively steeper the more you try to customize. Thus, it's better to find a good item first instead of trying to turn a trash version into a godly one.

Blacksmith or Cube enhancing: As an alternative to the Mystic, a new feature should be added where players can improve an existing affix on an item for a price relative to its potency and how close it is to max. If a player perfects an item, it would then become Ascendant class, further raising affix caps and allowing another primary affix to be selected at the Mystic.

Playing together, not just in the same game: Bounties are the big offender and it's a topic I've gone over elsewhere numerous times. Things can be done to further facilitate teamwork without making solo play seem grossly inferior.

Resource management: Auto-pick on various mats, said mats getting virtualized into their own menu instead of hogging inventory, revisions to costs on recipes cube and blacksmith alike, account-wide legendary gems, r.gifts dropping more often and expanding their use, and probably some other odds and ends I'm forgetting to touch on.

Season Retirement: An option to kick a seasonal character to non-season before the season ends.

Give Rifts the GR menu treatment: Or put another way, let us run normal rifts at a chosen difficulty much like we can GRs. This will help alleviate the "ease" of T10 while also giving us a challenge outside the timed GR environment.

Remove Progress Orbs: Bake the gains into elite kills. I wouldn't argue against revisions to mob contributions, either, presuming it makes the not-worth-anything types worth something.

Introduce a third type of Rift: This type of rift would be more like normal ones, but the player instead sacrifices items they can find to influence rewards and challenges found within. Bonus items would influence things like gem drop rates, gold find, specific item types (if you sacrifice a bow, you'd find more bows as an example), and so on. Allow bonus components to be traded between players. Basically, this would enable a form of targeted farming without being as mundane as boss runs or as taxing on the servers as constant game resets may be.

Create an Iron-Man Mode: This mode immediately starts players in a randomized dungeon at level 1 with nothing but starter gear. The objective is to level as high as you can and go as deep as you can into the dungeon without dying and the difficulty rising per floor. Should you die, your progress is recorded and your level gets reset to 1 and gear is lost. However, as you play, it's possible to find special equipment with only level 1 reqs that would not be lost if you die. This is mainly to facilitate easier restarts to get deeper into the dungeon. Set items would not drop in this mode and legendary gems become normal drops with their default level being 50. Should you leave or disconnect from the game, you'll restart at the last level you entered. Items can not be traded between characters in this mode, even on the same account. Any paragon levels gained are also lost on death. Each character otherwise gets their own unique stash to store the unique gear. A solo-only option will also be present upon a character's creation to prevent party players from dominating solo scoreboards.

Add more Brawling areas: While I'm not a PvP fan, I can understand wanting more unique environments. These can be solely new locals or include options to add monster spawns for added difficulty or objectives.

...and I think I'll cut myself off now for dinner.
enrage timers and invincible minions.

I'd love to see rifts getting the GR treatment like another poster said. It would be nice to be able to play beyond TX but adding more Torment difficulties or other static difficulties isn't the answer.

More interesting achievements would be nice.

My end game is trying to hit paragon 800 and all my characters up to TX with custom builds. That may sound like a low paragon level, but it would be nice to "unlock". I don't get to game enough to think about setting this goal higher ATM. I may change this once I get closer to 800. Currently going to be 623 ish when the season ends.
02/15/2016 08:18 AMPosted by Lyryal
-Endless rift

Floor 1 easy , floor 2 normal ,etc , Floor 15 greater rift 55 and so on . With the possibility to push where you left off each time(checkpoints at each floor entrance)

Boss on each floor that unlocks the door

-Survival rift

Arena like map where monsters will spawn non stop on you , giving you a chest with rewards equal to the numbers of kill , no time limit

-4 player Split rifts

Single floor rift where each player starts in a different area with a very low time limit to clear

-----AND the most important part , balance the items a little more so we get to choose the build we want and arent gimping ourself by using it

-Boss specific drop could also bring back a d2 feeling where farming a specific boss non stop was a thing

Each patch we're pidgeon holed into a meta since everything else is subpar in a way, so even with good endgame , it would still be boring unless we had viable options(loads of awesome items , only a few good ones)

basically this
some pvp wouldn't hurt also.
Endgame is a stupid concept from the MMORPG world.

It's not needed in an ARPG.

All an ARPG needs to be played over and over is a strong fun combat system and a very in-depth, robust character creation and customization system with lots of great loot.

Just give us a load of character classes, lots of great loot, a robust and intelligent skill system, and 3 difficulty levels.

That's ALL we need.

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