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So basically I think that Account Bound should only be inclusive too Seasonal Chars...

I understand account bound especially for season chars because it would greatly effect the ladder in many cases if you could trade loot... But now that there is a ladder that seems to be stable and competitive, I think there should be no account bound on regular chars who are not seasoned anymore...

Trading freely on regular D3 would give a nice feel and it wouldnt effect the ladder whatsoever... Nobody seems to play regular chars these days anyways and I think that maybe being able to trade old loot between players would be great!

Please let me know what you think about this... Am I missing something? I think it sounds like a good idea too me...

- Descendant
Botting has no impact on the game as long as there is no trading.

If Blizzard implemented trading, then they might have to do something about botting. They don't want to do that; it sounds like work.
True... but botting wouldnt really matter on regular D3 anyways because the only people who play it are casual players who play single player.. and they cant be flooded with bots unless they open their game to multiplayer.

But i guess blizzard would still have to do "work" to maintain their status quo.. I see your point.

Solution: Ban accounts that use botting? :P

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